AMR Healthcare Consulting, LLC: Bridging the Gap between Patient Care and Technology

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Aliya Aaron, Founder & Principal Consultant
For long the healthcare industry was too steeped in old technologies to keep up with modern times. In a world in which everything has become digitized, bridging the gap between patient care and technology has been one of health IT's greatest challenge to date. Now with technology and innovation playing a vital role in patient care, providers, nurses and technology leaders must collaborate on advanced technology decisions that impact clinical workflow, timeliness of care, and patient experience.

The “move fast and break things” approach in the technology sphere doesn’t translate well into the healthcare industry where patient care demands clinically focused innovation. With technology at the core of patient care and the foundation on which modern health care organizations build the overall patient experience, forward-thinking healthcare organizations need a partner that brings along depth and breadth of industry experience and technical expertise, and the desire for a true partnership in care. As such companies like AMR Healthcare Consulting (AMR Healthcare) were born.

Founded in 2010 by Aliya Aaron, RN, BSN, MSHS, a practicing registered nurse, AMR Healthcare understands that positive patient outcomes depend on technology companies working closely with nurses, physicians, support staff, therapists, and others throughout the healthcare organization to design and develop innovation IT solutions that fit within the clinician’s workflow.

Serving as a true partner in care, AMR Healthcare is bridging the gap between patient care and technology by designing software solutions aimed to help doctors, nurses, and ancillary care teams make informed decisions about their patients care. As a consulting company, AMR Healthcare provides an array of tools, services and expert consultation to healthcare organizations, developing and implementing the right strategies for each client’s unique challenges and opportunities. AMR Healthcare’s core services include Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation and optimization services, custom software development; such as patient portals and data-driven dashboards, mobile health (mHealth) application development services that enhance clinical communication and workflows, and IT management support. “As a clinician owned company, our focus is ensuring that our solutions are all centered on the complex workflow of the clinicians to help them improve patient outcomes.

We are committed to designing solutions and developing software from a clinician’s perspective

Our motto is Better Solutions, Better Outcomes, Better Care. We are committed to designing solutions and developing software from a clinician’s perspective,” says Aliya.

The company’s ascension to success is governed by Aliya’s more than two decades of rich experience and expertise and her knack for unlocking the real potential of technologies in addressing healthcare issues. As an accomplished nurse and software developer, Aliya knows firsthand what it takes to deliver more than just another technology product when it comes to developing software for patient care and implementing clinical systems. “We help our clients to get the best out of their EHR, optimizing their processes, their solutions, looking at the functionality of the systems, their financial returns on investments, key performance measures and more,” she adds.

Aliya recalls how one of her existing clients sought assistance in optimizing their EHR clinical documentation processes. Even after deploying an EHR system for over a year, the client confronted severe workflow challenges; the clinicians were unable to realize the true potential of the EHR system, which directly impacted patient care and influenced the accuracy of results and productivity. AMR Healthcare’s profound understanding of technology, as well as the healthcare industry, significantly helped to improve clinicians’ workflow, making task completion easier and adding time and cost savings to the organization.

Currently working on in-house solutions, Aliya states that “AMR Healthcare will continue to focus on developing customized solutions for their clients, with an aim to deliver better technology to help clinicians connect with the EHR, communicate with team members efficiently, streamline patient throughput, and respond quickly to patient needs.”

AMR Healthcare Consulting, LLC

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Aliya Aaron, Founder & Principal Consultant

Provides IT consulting services and builds custom software for the healthcare industry

AMR Healthcare Consulting, LLC