AMS Experts: Enhancing Business Potential through Data Management

Sadiq Lalani, CEO
In today’s data-driven world, organizations require a holistic and well-structured view of their data in real-time. And yet, the sheer quantity and volume of data produced by ERP/CRM systems and general business documents open new data management challenges. What adds to this issue and keeps companies from optimizing their data is their “application-centric approach” to data management, whereby the information is left scattered between various applications that have no access to a centralized data repository. Naturally, only a robust data management approach that is more customer-centric can help organizations bring relevant data into Salesforce to get a 360-degree view of their constituents.

Addressing this need is AMS Experts. The leading IT consulting company primarily assists associations in integrating their external applications with the Salesforce, providing a holistic view of their organizational data. Since its inception in 2008, this Washington DC-based company has been serving as a one-stop-shop for their Salesforce needs. As the CEO of AMS Experts, Sadiq Lalani says, “Our goal is to help organizations get the most value out of their information assets by delivering high-quality solutions.” The company’s end-to-end services include Salesforce consulting, Data management (Consolidation, cleanup, integrity, migration, governance, GDPR), and Business Intelligence (Analytics, Data Warehouse, Dashboards).

“Our Salesforce consulting services enable organizations to bridge the gap between their business needs and the CRM software. Being able to provide end-to-end consulting, including data migration, customization, setup and configuration, reporting, and analytics, we help businesses have a smooth transition to the Salesforce platform,” says Lalani. With AMS Experts’ Salesforce consulting services, businesses can get personalized assistance from Salesforce experts who provide consistent support and recommend feasible solutions that align with their business goals. This helps fulfill the need for one-to-one support that Salesforce fails to deliver, considering its vast client base.

Additionally, AMS Experts helps clients overcome challenges pertaining to Salesforce customization. Although Salesforce is meant to be customized, it is easy to go beyond reasonable limits and make the solution complex. This could derail implementation scopes, maintainability, and development overhead, which lead to compromised data integrity, poor user adoption, and expansion bottlenecks.
With the capability to assess rollouts and Salesforce offerings as well as persistently disseminate best practices with consolidated inputs from a strong peer network and industry-best resources, the company eliminates the customization challenges. Furthermore, AMS Experts helps clients navigate through the array of choices in Appexchange, understand the functionalities, and chose the right solution that aligns with their workflow.

By leveraging its longstanding experience in data management, AMS Experts reduces the costs associated with Salesforce migration. To do this, the company consolidates data into an external repository and creates desired screens in the Salesforce to view data from external sources using Salesforce connect.

What makes AMS Experts unique is its customer-first approach and the breadth of services they provide, especially a unique combination of Salesforce consulting with the data management focus. The company has a dedicated team of certified Salesforce experts that understands clients’ needs and provides the best partnering scenarios with flexible and methodological engagement models. To further elaborate on AMS Experts’ value proposition, Lalani recalls its collaboration with a client who wanted to create engagement scores for their customers. As all data was not readily available in the Salesforce, AMS Experts’ team had to connect to external sources, bring relevant data into Salesforce, and create processes to generate scores. AMS Experts’ comprehensive service portfolio allowed the client to define multiple data points, integrate external sources to Salesforce using API, generate custom processes using Apex code, and create dashboards to present scores. Post collaboration, the engagement scoring became a critical piece in customer interactions, marketing, appointments, fundraising, and member engagements.

With many such success stories under its belt, AMS Experts plans to enrich its capabilities in the Salesforce ecosystem and to partner with several like-minded companies to expand its presence in the industry. “From the technology side, we are already providing BI solutions to the organization and are working towards expanding our footprints into AI and Blockchain technology,” concludes Lalani.

AMS Experts

Fairfax, VA

Sadiq Lalani, CEO

AMS Experts is a leading IT consulting company based in Washington, DC, that primarily serves Associations and nonprofit organizations. The company leverages its in-depth know-how in the association space to delivers high-quality technical solutions, helping organizations achieve the most value out of their information assets. With its data management portfolio that includes services such as governance, migration, integrity, consolidation, and database administration, AMS Experts helps clients meet their data requirements by using industry compiled Master Data Management practices. Further, the company provides end-to-end consulting, starting from data migration, customization, setup and configuration, reporting, and analytics to help businesses have a smooth transition to the Salesforce platform

AMS Experts