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Alex Lau, CEO
According to a recent MarketsandMarkets survey, the EAM market is expected to grow from $ 3.15 Bn in 2016 to $ 5.24 Bn by 2021. This finding offers a bird’s eye view on the current state of the global economy which is becoming increasingly dynamic and complex. Companies that are a part of this ecosystem are striving to manage their aging critical assets, and implement relevant methodologies and expertise in order to be competitive. “It is of utmost importance to ensure that the EAM solutions adopted by an organization do not correspondingly become difficult to implement and use,” expresses Alex Lau, CEO of Anacle Systems. Known for its unique EAM product—Simplicity®, Anacle Systems, a provider of technology solution aims to simplify the adoption of the best of EAM technologies by reducing implementation complexities and costs. “From an initial stage where there is a significant focus on asset tracking to corrective and preventive maintenance processes, Simplicity® EAM has rapidly grown to provide specialist solutions for the real estate, healthcare infrastructure, educational as well as utilities markets in Asia,” beams Lau.

In a nutshell, Simplicity® EAM is an all-rounded comprehensive solution that assists firms in all aspects of asset and maintenance management, including asset register setup and asset tracking. At the tactical level, Simplicity® facilitates organizations minimize maintenance spend yet maintain equipment availability. “Simplicity® supports this concept by providing powerful condition-based maintenance functionalities, such as real-time OPC interfaces to SCADA and plant monitoring systems, condition assessment checklists, as well as automated triggering of work orders when certain adverse conditions or breaches of pre-determined thresholds are detected,” elaborates Lau.

At the strategic level, Simplicity® offers sophisticated FMECA and Weibull failure modeling of equipment and systems so as to predict equipment remaining useful life.The solution optimizes an organization’s asset availability and reliability by implementing and enforcing maintenance schedules with detailed checklists. It also tracks the real-time statuses of clients’ assets and activates urgent adhoc maintenance activity through monitoring equipment health or by triggers from personnel on-site.

From an initial product focusing on asset tracking and managing the corrective and preventive maintenance processes, Simplicity EAM has rapidly grown to provide specialist solutions

“Our consultants work with the key stakeholders within the clients’ organization to identify the main objectives for implementing the EAM solution,” adds Lau. “From each objective, we work out a number of key performance indicators to focus and configure the work processes, policies, and reports of the EAM solution.”

The company has helped public hospitals in Singapore, with innovative location-based asset management so as to ensure that critical biomedical equipment do not miss their maintenance cycles. “We also helped the local defense establishment manage the maintenance of more than 6,000 buildings with limited manpower through innovative use of mobile apps,” elucidates Lau.

Aside its unequivocal commitment toward helping customers manage critical assets, Anacle Systems vests it focus to make its software easy to implement and easy to adopt, building up on delivery industry-specific knowledge base within the software and adopt new-age technology trends such as mobility and Internet-of-Things (IoT). The company also continuously invests to improve the functionality, usability and scalability of their products with ample research and development.

Anacle Systems’ next big step to move forward in the EAM space involves introducing their new product— Tesseract®, a universal sensor and actuator platform that can provide local level optimization for asset management. “Through our EAM solution we aim to offer customers a path to make their asset investment and maintenance decisions with confidence,” concludes Lau.


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Alex Lau, CEO

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