Anark: Connecting the Digital Thread

Stephen Collins, Co-Founder & CEO
Global manufacturers and their suppliers sit atop vast data repositories housed within complex data environments and are under increasing pressure to evolve their digital processes to innovate and compete in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Many organizations are pursuing Digital Transformation strategies built upon smart technologies and processes such as Digital Thread, Digital Twin, IoT, AI, AR, and Model-Based Enterprise (MBE). They are also embracing Cloud, big data, web, and mobile technologies for more efficient, managed access to siloed data throughout the extended enterprise.

The promised efficiencies and performance benefits associated with these concepts and technologies are tremendous, but— in reality—manufacturers often struggle with their practical implementation.

Challenges stem from factors such as functionality gaps and interoperability limitations with their incumbent PLM, ERP, and CAD systems, ad-hoc processes based upon rigid or outdated home-grown data-exchange and collaboration solutions, and they are often tasked with managing the vast array of disparate technical data required to achieve complete enterprise digitalization.

Additionally, many companies begin their digital journeys by evaluating technologies and solutions, when instead, they would benefit by first giving careful consideration to designing and refining new processes that will support their objectives before selecting a solution that meets their requirements.

Once they have more clarity on their ideal “to-be” processes, they can then more effectively implement the most capable, flexible, and resilient platforms and applications to support their digital strategy.

Attuned to this notion, CO-based Anark enables the digital thread.

With the help of Anark Core—the company’s intelligent information management (IIM) platform, Anark enables leading companies such as Boeing, Cisco, GE, Lockheed Martin, and Ericsson to streamline procurement, manufacturing, and field service operations, resulting in accelerated new product introduction, improved quality, and substantially reduced costs throughout the product lifecycle.
One of the main challenges that Anark solves for its clients is harnessing all their resident technical data from PLM, ERP, MES, CAD or virtually any other system, in order to generate role-specific technical data packages (TDPs) with connected and traceable visual collaboration for better dissemination of in-context information for downstream use, consumption, and collaboration. “Anark’s powerful and flexible technical content management and collaboration capabilities are built upon open industry data standards and formats that can effectively support the heterogenous data environments found within large OEMs and their supplier communities,” says Stephen Collins, co-founder and CEO of Anark. “Anark provides them with the flexibility to fully digitalize a wide array of technical data and content in whatever form necessary to support their ideal digital processes.”

Anark’s powerful and flexible technical content management and collaboration capabilities are built upon open industry data standards and formats

One key capability that distinguishes Anark from other vendors is its support for the broad array of specialized data types and formats that are required to deliver complete and effective digital thread applications and TDPs.

3D MCAD (with high-fidelity MBD), 3D ECAD, 2D drawings, documents, tabular data, images, video and more can be incorporated as needed to deliver “the right information to the right place at the right time” to knowledge workers along the digital thread. The company’s intuitive “activities-based” visual collaboration system unites cross-functional teams to collaborate in order to drive optimal decision-making in real-time more effectively.

TDPs and workflows generated by Anark Core provide managed, browser-based access to technical data from virtually any computer, tablet, smartphone, or wearable device, enabling their customers to achieve greater efficiencies throughout supply-chain, manufacturing and field service organizations. With such a powerful and complete set of capabilities, flexible on-premise and cloud deployment options, and well-established successful customer track record, the future of Anark looks very promising.


Boulder, Colorado

Stephen Collins, Co-Founder & CEO and Scott Collins, CTO & EVP Product Development, Brett Heinrichs, CFO & VP of Operations, Randy Ochs, VP of Business Development

Anark is a leading provider of Intelligent Information Management (IIM) and activity-based visual collaboration software. They empower leading manufacturers to create a connected, collaborative, information-rich digital enterprise. The Anark platform provides managed, browser-based data access and visual collaboration on virtually any device, enabling knowledge workers along the ‘digital thread’ to communicate and collaborate more effectively and securely throughout manufacturing, supply chain, and field service operations