Anark Corporation: Empowering a connected, visually collaborative Digital Thread

Stephen Collins, President and CEO
“During the past several years there has been a rapid migration away from conventional 2D engineering drawings and ad-hoc data exchange and collaboration systems, toward more efficient and connected model-based communication, collaboration and long term archival processes,” begins Stephen Collins, Co-founder and CEO of Anark Corporation. Having an extensive background in 3D visualization, Model Based Enterprise, and PLM software and solutions, the industry veteran Collins, helped guide Anark throughout its evolution from an inventive 3D digital media and web-based visualization technology developer to emerge as the leading provider of automated Model Based Enterprise and Visual Collaboration solutions that enable manufacturers to successfully unlock the potential of their mission critical engineering design, manufacturing and operational data.

“Anark’s products enable global companies to transform, publish, and host technical content from multiple authoritative data sources, such as CAD, PLM, and ERP,” states Anark. “The firm’s flagship product, Anark Core, is an automated content publishing software platform that transforms engineering, manufacturing and operational data into fit-for-purpose 3D PDF documents for use in supply-chain, engineering release, manufacturing, and field service operations. MBEWeb is the company’s cloud and web based platform for hosting and delivering HTML5 based web content that can be consumed on virtually any device and can support advanced collaboration and “social-media style conversations.”

The Anark Core platform consists of two software products, Anark Core Server for server-side publishing automation and Anark Core Workstation for the desktop. The former is automated publishing server software that facilitates users to publish use-case-specific interactive HTML5 content for use with Anark MBEWeb, or 3D PDF documents that may be customized by the business. Anark Core Workstation defines server-side publishing recipes, an XML file, as well as SME authoring for manual content generation with advanced CAD integrations. 3D PDF documents published by Anark Core are 100 percent native, ISO compliant, and can be opened by the ubiquitous and free Adobe Reader software.
The shift from conventional 2-D engineering drawings and siloed communication practices toward more connected, digital processes in manufacturing that includes Model- Based Enterprise (MBE) and Model- Based Definition (MBD) processes paves way to substantial cost-savings and new efficiencies.

“Embracing automated and connected digital processes for efficient data-sharing and collaboration is enabling manufacturers to come to market faster with higher-quality products at substantially reduced costs throughout engineering, manufacturing, supply-chain and field-service operations,” says Collins.

MBEWeb from Anark is a cloud-based content hosting system that is fixed inside the corporate firewall that serves HTML5 content to knowledge workers right through the extended enterprise on any desktop or mobile device. MBEWeb content not only addresses a wide variety of technical use cases but also provides end users with advanced search, collaboration and “social media style conversation” capabilities. This customer-hosted software system is an extension of Anark Core, enabling recipe-driven HTML and WebGL 3D content to be published into a distributed cloud application environment. Collins says that design engineering data from 2D drawings, 3D CAD with MBD, and other contextually-related tabular data like manufacturing notes, system requirements, MBOM, bill of characteristics, bill of process, and field service data from IoT systems can be combined together in a unified collaboration environment.

Anark Core and MBEWeb together empower knowledge workers along the Digital-Thread to communicate and collaborate more effectively and securely throughout the extended enterprise and supply-chain with role-and-use-case-specific technical content and documents that are synchronized with authoritative repositories.

Anark delivers effective, automated Visual Collaboration sollution to industry leading manufacturing organizations such as Lockheed-Martin, Honeywell, Boeing, Cisco, Hydro-Quebec, TE Connectivity, and the U.S. DoD, and the company’s growing network of world-class Value- Added Resellers (VARs) and integration partners further extends its ability to provide specialized and reliable service and support on a global scale. Anark will continue to empower its customers to drive improved performance with highly effective “visually-collaborative” Digital- Thread solutions.

Anark Corporation

Boulder, CO

Stephen Collins, President and CEO

Enables combining of PLM and ERP data to generate rolespecific engineering release, supply chain, manufacturing, inspection and field service