ANCGroup : From Whiteboards to Virtual Classrooms

Brian Daughhetee, President
Today’s children are part of a new classroom, where technology is interwoven into every aspect of the educational environment. Emerging technologies are quickly adopted by students. As technology advances, teachers and administrators have to work harder to deliver instruction in an engaging manner. In short, they struggle to remain relevant in a sea of easy to access, though not always accurate, information. Brian Daughhetee, President of ANC Group in Greenville, SC, saw this challenge and founded ANCGroup to be a partner with educational organizations, helping them utilize technology to better the lives of students and faculty. Over the past 15 years, ANC Group has grown to become a leader in the educational community by serving everyone from local districts to state and federal agencies.

As a Leader, ANCGroup continues to adapt as technology advances. Brian Daughhetee says, “Life is about learning so I approach Life as a Student and a Teacher”. He constantly evaluates new technologies and offerings to bring the best to his clients. ANCGroup has compiled a suite of products and services to deliver a Virtual Classroom that supports anytime learning through t he Cloud. The flexibility and Cloud capabilities of ANCGroup’s Virtual Classroom aid in new learning models such as Flipped and Blended Learning. By allowing students to complete all or a portion of their instructional content online anytime, they can then return to the traditional classroom and have that content reinforced by face to face interaction with their teacher. Daughhetee says, “It is important for educators to recognize that with access to new technologies, students are evolving and becoming savvy consumers of knowledge and information.

With the Virtual Classroom, we can now deliver educational content in a way that fits with, and competes with, the way they consume information outside of the classroom.” This fully managed and automated Virtual Classroom gives teachers the tools to create their classroom in a 24x7 virtual environment.
Class assignments, embedded videos, resource libraries and more are at the student’s fingertips, giving them the ability to work independently or collaboratively, with access to all of the information they need in one secure location.

ANCGroup partners with many other solution providers whose services enhance the Virtual Classroom, offering solutions which include automated data provisioning, data dashboards, parent notification and anti-bullying. ANCGroup also employs a highly certified Engineering team which specializes in email migration and deployment, cloud and premise based network design and provisioning, and professional development for faculty and teachers. Once a project is complete, ANCGroup offers Managed Service Agreements to maintain the health of the system as well as a training portal with guided videos for faculty and teachers.

It is important for educators to recognize that with access to new technologies, students are evolving and becoming savvy consumers of knowledge and information

ANCGroup prides itself on bridging the evolving technology gap while also building successful relationships with clients. With an aim to equip 21st Century classrooms with the latest technology services, ANCGroup continues climbing the ladder of success by being a trusted advisor for its clients. “We recognize and embrace that the value of relationships is greater than any single interaction. As such, we strive to be an industry leader while maintaining integrity and respect for all whom we interact with,” concludes Daughhetee.


Greenville, SC

Brian Daughhetee, President and Jason Semberger, Project Manager & Samantha Schuller, Operations Manag

ANC serves the network and infrastructure needs of educational organizations and small/medium businesses by providing full-service information technology solutions.