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Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand”—ANCILE Solutions effectively applies the essence of this saying to enable high-performing teams in its customers’ organizations. Based in Elkridge, Maryland, the company acknowledges that employees are the biggest asset in any organization and maximizing their potential can lead to impressive results in productivity. “We help each employee in enterprise leverage a specific set of skills and potentials for efficient work, which in turn helps the organizations as well,” says Frank Lonergan, CEO, ANCILE Solutions.

Through its world-class learning and productivity software solutions, ANCILE offers the ability to connect workers, business applications, and processes to on-demand learning and real-time performance support, and enable validated, action-oriented communications. “Bringing employees to the classroom can be a costly affair and it is a one-time event. Statistically, they retain only 25 to 30 percent of what they have learned in the classroom,” says Lonergan. Replacing this process is ANCILE’s uPerform™ solution, an electronic performance support app which enables organizations to create, distribute, and maintain learning and performance-based materials. With record-once/publish-many technology, anyone in the organization can easily and quickly capture or document k nowledge and distribute content to employees–at the point of need, in the right language, and the right format. In addition, the organization can create rich e-learning content, and confirm employee comprehension of all content with assessments. “We provide software that makes it easy for experts and leaders to capture and create content related to core knowledge, publish and push that content, validate receipt and understanding, and promote sharing and discussion through collaboration,” explains Lonergan.
ANCILE uAlign™ helps managers and business leaders answer the most crucial question, “Is my team acting with the most current information?” The solution enables communication to all stakeholders—inside and outside an organization—and validates who’s received, understood, and taken the needed action. Through prioritized messages and relevant channels, uAlign pushes the latest information to employees and ends the cycle of noncompliant performance due to missed or wrong information. “If you are looking to ensure operational compliance, enable sales, communicate HR policies and procedures, or deliver microlearning content across your organization, uAlign can help you close the communication loop,” says Lonergan.

ANCILE works closely with partners to improve their customers’ adoption of technologies used to run their business. “With ERP software like SAP or Oracle or IT solutions offered by HP and BMC, we help to improve the adoption of business applications so that people can use them more efficiently and recognize the greatest return on investment,” says Lonergan. By focusing on adoption and effective utilization of technology, ANCILE helps organizations stay way ahead of the competition. More than half of the Fortune100 companies across the industries including manufacturing, energy, automotive, aerospace, healthcare, life sciences and public sector, use ANCILE’s solutions. “We have helped more than 4,400 customers in more than 150 countries and in 15 different industries,” says Lonergan. One of ANCILE’s major clients is a multinational retail corporation where ANCILE is supporting a global implementation of SAP to help the customer’s employees understand and adopt their new business solution and new ways of working.

With two decades of experience in the domain of workforce productivity, ANCILE continues to remain in the forefront of bringing learning and productivity software solutions to the market. Going forward, ANCILE continues to expand its portfolio to help clients optimize workforce performance with guidance and performance support integrated into the work process, just in time and just enough.

ANCILE Solutions

Frank Lonergan, CEO

ANCILE Solutions is a software solutions company that engages in the development, sale, and support of learning and performance products for companies and business applications