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Adam Kamieniak, President and CEO
In today’s competitive business world, companies strive to gain actionable customer insights for informed decision-making. In that pursuit, they capture terabytes of data, but they hardly explore it. Most companies restrict themselves to email and phone call data, which doesn’t provide them the 360-degree visibility into customer experience (CX). Adding to the woes is their dependence on a range of marketing research and product design firms, which strains their ability to react to customer demands in a timely and cost-effective manner. Aware of these predicaments, full-service marketing firm AND Agency combines all the marketing research, CX tools and industry specialists under one roof. “As a closed-loop agency, we not only design the right solution, but also execute, providing ultimate accountability and cost effectiveness,” says Adam Kamieniak, President and CEO of AND Agency.

Today, customers tend to choose brands that focus on product experience. In such a scenario, AND Agency helps its clients leverage new-age technologies and holistic customer data to deliver personalized experiences. “As an example, a customer of our client had a bad experience with the brand at one of their retail locations. Using our technology we were able to channel that feedback immediately to the concerned branch manager for quick redressal of the grievance, allowing our client to avoid escalation and a bad review on social media,” says Kamieniak. “What’s more, we can leverage the same technology and the 360-degree view of the customer data to target them with personalized advertising using our proprietary Digital Signage as a Service (DSaaS) platform. This further elevates their positive brand experience,” he adds.

AND Agency differentiates in the market by gathering complete information about the customers from every channel,including social media, web, email, SMS, phone,and many others. The comprehensive data is channeled into a dedicated client dashboard for insights generation. “We work closely with the clients to help them deliver high-quality custom services to drive positive change in CX, and we do it without a heavy expense burden for our customers,” says Dan Tenkhoff, CMO of AND Agency.

Our one-stop-shop capability brings consistency in all the process, so clients can perform with great efficiency.

Apart from CX, AND Agency offers marketing outreach solutions that include intelligent digital signage, creative design, video content production, traditional and digitalacquisition marketing. The well rounded, independent marketing agency thrives on data analytics to communicate the right message to the target audience.

In a case study, one of its clients, a global telecommunications firm, was looking to enhance the branding and perception of the company. Aware of the fact that a happy employee is the only means to happy customers, the client wanted to enhance the experience of its customer service teams. AND Agency collaborated with the client to design a highly technical and Visual program that directly impacted 85,000 of its employees. Two years later, the client was listed by Fortune as one of the best places to work in 2017 and 2018 consecutively. “We like to think this was no coincidence,” says Dan.

In another instance, AND Agency helped a nationally recognized online dating site evolve into a customer-oriented firm by introducing live dating coaches at the right time in the process pipeline. The dating site improved its customer rating by 72 percent (going from 2.2 to 3.8 stars) in just a few months.

AND Agency made a splash in the CX arena through its strategic acquisition of a Canadian CX firm with its 300 expert research professionals, in 2017. The company has also developed its contact center resources as well as data collection and analytics strategies to deliver high value to clients. Currently serving the telecom, retail, and banking industries, AND Agency aims to bring its data collection and CX research solutions to companies of all sizes, and do so in a cost-effective manner.

AND Agency

Chicago, IL

Adam Kamieniak, President and CEO and Dan Tenkhoff, CMO

A closed-loop full-service marketing agency that excels as a one-stop-shop for the holistic marketing research and CX improvement solutions and strategies

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