AnesthesiaOS: Navigating a Changing Healthcare Landscape

Christopher Ray, M.D. CTO
Presently the evolving healthcare landscape places an urgent emphasis on improving the quality of patient care and reducing overall costs. A combination of regulatory and marketplace forces, such as profitability, consolidation trends, shifting ownership patterns and changing federal reimbursement policies, create a compelling need to leverage technology to improve clinical outcomes, lower costs and effectively management operating margins. More significantly, the proliferation of new technology in healthcare is rising and is creating new opportunities. “We see most healthcare organizations are pivoting towards more advanced technologies such as electronic medical record (EMR) and finding ways to better manage patient records while creating smarter workflows,” states Terrence Ray, C.P.A. CEO, AnesthesiaOS. Based in Houston, TX, AnesthesiaOS leverages new technologies with the vision of advancing medicine by creating smarter workflows has built a cloud-based, modular EHR that focuses on the mobility of an enhanced patient care experience and not the mobility of a particular device and/or workstation.

The Anesthesia platform is uniquely designed as a multi-platform Anesthesia Information Management System [AIMS] and enhances workflow and transforms point-of-care clinical documentation through effortless data capture via a web portal, Windows Surface Pro tablet, iPad or any Web-Enabled device. “The platform allows any provider to easily complete an anesthesia record within minutes while focusing on the quality of patient care and not merely documentation,” says Christopher Ray, M.D. CTO, AnesthesiaOS.

AnesthesiaOS has partnered with DELL and Microsoft and leverages their innovative technologies and world class services to offer advanced analytics as well as enterprise wide deployable solutions. AnesthesiaOS provides an advanced ad-hoc Business Intelligence engine, which allows providers to create any desired clinical and/or performance report. “The tool uses a very intuitive drag and drop process to create reports that can evaluate metrics such as the amount of use and wastage of all controlled substances, quality metrics, OR performance, or details about any one or group of procedures.” affirms Christopher.
Customers leverage AnesthesiaOS and its robust business intelligence to improve healthcare efficiency and effectiveness. In an implementation highlight, one of AnesthesiaOS’clients was facing challenges in their surgical operations, which occurred at multiple locations. As these were occurring at many different locations, there was a lot of paperwork to be done—at least five different sheets of paper for each patient had to be combined together along with the anesthesia record and sent back to billing companies. It became a logistical nightmare in running the business and making sure all the data was present. In summary, AnesthesiaOS was able to eliminate the paperwork resulting in a smarter workflow. Furthermore, all signatures and data were documented digitally with the company’s software solution.

The platform allows any provider to easily complete an anesthesia record within minutes while focusing on the quality of patient care and not merely documentation

In the days to come, AnesthesiaOS is focused on delivering valuable insights to providers at the point of care through machine learning.“By effortlessly capturing all the data that is loss with paper related workflows, we improve the point of care experience but we also learn from each and every patient care episode. An important aspect of our vision is to leverage predictive analytics and machine learning to assist providers with making better clinical decisions which will ultimately improve the quality of care. ” concludes Christopher.


Houston, TX

Christopher Ray, M.D. CTO

Developed by Anesthesiologists, AnesthesiaOS is a cloud-based, modular EHR formulated for speed, intuitiveness and mobility.