Anevia: Enabling Media Streaming Excellence

Damien Lucas, CTO & Co-Founder
Seamlessness is one word that embodies every desirable feature in visual media today. From televisions and movie theaters to the engaged commuter watching YouTube on a smartphone, today’s world is where everything must be and is connected. Anevia is a technological innovator that understands this transition; its CTO and Co-founder, Damien Lucas notes, “All video that used to be delivered over cable or satellite, will be carried over IP networks in the near future.” This means that operators need to plan for this shift in technology by adding content delivery network (CDN) capacity in their network infrastructure.

Anevia’s CDN, NEA-CDN, enables operators to build their own CDN within their existing network infrastructure. NEA-CDN was designed for video streaming, and is especially equipped to allow TV operators to scale their Over-the Top (OTT) service for live peak viewing periods. Anevia approaches live streaming peaks in two ways: NEA-CDN can be built on an elastic Cloud infrastructure that temporarily scales up during peak events to match any viewing demand; and for managed mobile and IPTV networks, NEA-CDN can incorporate Multicast ABR / LTE Broadcast technology so that unlimited viewers can immediately and simultaneously playback high audience streams. To an operator, this means delivering low-latency, broadcast-quality content, even during the highest of peak periods.

NEA-CDN is also designed to optimize the delivery of non-linear video content. Combined with Anevia’s Infinite Buffer technology, NEA-CDN reuses cached live content for non-linear play-out, improving edge storage and resulting in faster loading times—so that the viewing experience for the end-user is seamless.

Recording live TV is another major consumer demand, and a Cloud DVR gives operators the possibility to propose unlimited recording, on every screen. In addition to using Anevia’s Infinite Buffer, NEA-DVR can go one step further and simplify the integration between streaming and storage with Anevia’s hyper-convergent storage solution, EDS (Embedded Distributed Storage). Since storage is embedded directly on streaming nodes, operators save on the cost of purchasing separate storage units, to gain space in the IT room and lower electrical and cooling consumption.

All video that used to be delivered over cable or satellite, will be carried over IP networks in the near future

One of Anevia’s customers, Cablevisión Argentina (CVA), is a prime example of an operator who has grown their OTT TV service using Anevia’s Cloud DVR and CDN. CVA has around four million unique subscribers, and in just under a year after launch 10% had already accessed the new Flow advanced digital TV service through their mobile phones, tablets and personal computers. Flow has since attracted an additional 140,000 new subscribers who can also view content on their televisions through an OTT set-top box. CVA needed an innovative and future-proof solution to accompany them in the growth of their OTT TV service, which is why they chose Anevia for its Live, Cloud DVR and CDN offer. Anevia provided a low-latency reliable solution that delivers the same level of service CVA has with their broadcast business, while scaling with increasing demand.

Needless to say, Anevia’s solutions are extremely fast to adopt, and they can be made up and running within a few hours at the most. They are also highly scalable, meaning that prospective adopters can try the system over just a small roster of channels, before looking to expand on content as well as features to meet their optimal requirement. The solution itself is future-proof, with the R&D division forming the backbone of the company, constantly developing the product to meet the fast-moving pace of the market and stay several steps ahead.

Anevia has a significant global presence, with premium clients across Europe and the Americas, and they are currently looking to expand into the APAC markets as well. Anevia’s vision to see that all media can and should be playable over IP, on all devices, is now more of a reality than ever before.


Gentilly, France

Damien Lucas, CTO & Co-Founder

Leader in OTT and IP software solutions for the delivery of live television and video-on-demand.