ANEXIA: Go To Partner for Best of Breed Virtualization Solutions

Alexander Windbichler, CEO, Adam Rogers, Managing Director
Virtualization is already making a huge impact on IT, with 2014 seeing dramatically increased use, particularly in data center networks, where it brings several benefits in power consumption, server utilization and application performance. While initially the majority of the efforts were on developing server virtualization technologies, the current spotlight has been on crafting advanced interconnect technologies that enable more efficient data communication between servers and storage. “Whilst increasing number of companies are adopting the cloud organizations are also in search of state-of-the-art technology that can filter and secure data in the data center,” says Alexander Windbichler, CEO of ANEXIA. This is where ANEXIA comes into the scene. The company offers high-quality customized solutions for web and managed hosting as well as individual software and app development that addresses the exceptional needs of organizations seeking virtualization solutions.

The company offers best-of-breed managed hosting services that help firms to simplify their projects and give new dimensions to the web infrastructure. The features include load Balancing, Virtual Firewall, Shared Storage, and DDOS Protection.

Another service ANEXIA provides is Virtual Data Center for customers that are on a the lookout for global infrastructure. ANEXIA's virtual data centers offer service providers, enterprises, and developers access to rapid access to critical infrastructure. In principle, it consists of similar components as a physical data center, but is delivered by unique software. In just a few moments, services can be located on a single server and with the processing power to emulate the processing power of an entire server cluster.

The firm also provides infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) on a global scale. “The best part of our company is that we provide our global customers the ability to transfer their capabilities not only from their local market, but to other places around the world in a rapid, cost-effective, and robust manner,” explains Windbichler. Companies that need to reach new markets, but devoid of having sufficient capital expenditure of building their own infrastructure come to ANEXIA to enable collocation solutions, IT transit solutions and virtualization solutions worldwide.

A virtual data center by ANEXIA can easily be switched or mirrored between our more than 53 international locations at any time

“Our employees have years of experience designing and implementing technically sophisticated IT solutions. Having locations around the world makes us a strong and reliable partner in the international IT market and it makes us completely unique in the market,” says Windbichler.

The company has offered incremental enhancements and new capabilities to customers worldwide that includes Western Union Bank and AK ÖSTERREICH. ANEXIA professionally met the client’s requirements in a flexible environment. “With the help from ANEXIA our implementations as well as the ongoing maintenance of our web applications received the highest level of service with extremely short reaction times,” says Thomas Zraunig, Project Manager of Western Union Bank. Another was with the development of the ‘AK - Frag uns’ app for iPhone and Android, ANEXIA implemented a joint project with all of the labor unions in Austria. “The consistently smooth collaboration throughout the entire development process as well as the numerous extensions that the customer has added since then has once again confirmed their decision to work with ANEXIA.

Going forward, the company wants to expand geographically and product wise. ANEXIA has made investments to support their operations in U.S. Market, and manages infrastructure on six continents. “We are growing our infrastructure and would like to expand to 70-75 locations by the end of the year and use this infrastructure as a platform to deliver more innovative products,” concludes Windbichler.


New York, NY

Alexander Windbichler, CEO, Adam Rogers, Managing Director

A provider of high quality and individual solutions of web and managed hosting, as well as individual software and app development.