Annexus Technologies: Synergizing Multiple Technologies into a Cohesive Solution

Andrew N. Griffiths, Founder and CEO
In the race to business excellence and competitive advantage where virtualization is emerging to the frontlines of infrastructure modernization, the influx of security-related issues is unavoidable. Today, the need for building a cohesive solution which incorporates the best of all available technologies to benefit both customers and the business likewise has increased multifold. Started in 2012, Annexus Technologies is a company that does precisely the same by providing effectively scalable and sustainable IT solutions. The name, Annexus prompts volumes to be spoken about their ability to bind different technologies into a single modified solution; “Nexus” is a series of connections linking two or more things whereas “Annexus” is Latin for binding. “We take different technologies that exist in today’s world and consolidate them together, essentially putting the best parts together to create something new and better than the individual solutions,” explains Andrew N. Griffiths, the founder and CEO of Annexus Technologies.

With a highly skilled and proficient team expertise in diverse technologies such as virtualization, security and surveillance, server and SAN, structured cabling, and disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, Annexus Technologies delivers services including designing, planning, and deploying industry-specific virtualization and cloud computing solutions. The company’s partnership with VMware, the chief cornerstone in the architecture of most of these services, supports the seamless deployment of virtual desktop infrastructure on the customers’ sites to maximize infrastructure and application uptime. “VMware is a key part of where we are positioned today. We count on VMware for providing a highly available, secure, and stable solution of large magnitude because they have footprints in many different segments of the virtualization space, starting from server virtualization and network virtualization to application virtualization,” asserts Griffiths.

Highlighting the case of an upcoming opportunity with the government of Jamaica for developing a National Identity solution, Griffiths is positive about the company’s approach as Annexus already got shortlisted to be one of the three consultants out of the 41 to provide the solution.

We take different technologies that exist in today’s world and consolidate them together, essentially putting the best parts together to create something new and better

In order to make this happen, the company collaborated with NEC Corporation for using NEC’s NeoFace Watch solution that helps reduce the risk of security threats by integrating face recognition technology with video surveillance input to produce real-time alerts, and with Veridos—an identity solutions company, to use their card production capabilities specifically and their backend solutions. With NEC’s solution on one side and Veridos’ solution on the other, Annexus brought their skill set to the table and unified both by merging them together from an infrastructural standpoint to provide a highly available and scalable environment that was required for these entities.

Annexus also has an active partnership with Team Viewer and is working on its partnership with IBM. The company focuses on expanding its presence in all sectors of IT, from the database side and even from the application perspective. With the belief that the best way to ensure data protection and avoid breaches is through electronic identities, authorization, and authentication of the authorized personnel who would be accessing specific data of an individual, Annexus’ partnership with IBM is set to define a practical framework for the same. Going forward, Annexus plans to expand its offerings beyond Jamaica and into the Caribbean territory. The company endeavors to steer ahead with the strategic technological adoption approach by forming more partnerships to remediate the weak areas and ensure the delivery of holistic, end-to-end solutions to the customers.

Annexus Technologies

Lauderdale Lakes, FL

Andrew N. Griffiths, Founder and CEO

The company provides IT consultative services across a wide range of solutions by synergizing multiple technologies into a cohesive solution including virtualization