Annitek: Holistic View of the PPM Journey

Today’s organizations have application data in cloud, on-premise, in databases, and excel files. With each application having its own reporting engine, enterprises can only view a single piece of the puzzle, unless they create expensive integrations between all their applications. As companies seek better visibility and data consolidation within their enterprise portfolio, they increasingly rely on Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions to manage the time, resources, skills, and budgets necessary to accomplish all interrelated tasks. In this scenario, Annitek, a firm based in Princeton, NJ, is providing customers’ clarity into their PPM through their innovative and interactive dashboards and PPM services. “Our CA Clarity PPM expert consultants and trainers have extensive hands on experience with the architecture, functionality, and technology of CA Clarity PPM,” says Liesa Krausse, VP, Annitek.

Annitek Navigator, a proprietary product of the company, is a HTML5 development and presentation platform which unlocks data from cloud, and on-premise, to produce a holistic, real-time, 360 degree view of the clients’ business via dashboard. Users can also embed these dashboards in the individual applications, access them through an iPad and drill down into a Jaspersoft or a Business Objects (BO) report for details. Unlike the current dashboard technology, Annitek’s non- Xcelcius based Navigator Designer can render parent-child relationships using hierarchical components, and process significantly greater amounts of data without the limitations of Excel. The Annitek Navigator Designer is fully xml based with drag and drop as well as download to Excel and/or PowerPoint features, and provides seamless integration with CA PPM.

Annitek’s PPM Assessment Services uncovers insights and opportunities to highlight business initiatives, identify capability gaps, and create high-level requirements for performance drivers and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) during on-site facilitated sessions. Being deliverable based, this service enables organizations to get their implementation moving in a direction that will provide tangible results and show the senior management the promised PPM ROI.

The firm’s architects and consultants possess the expertise to handle everything—from installations, upgrades and integrations through to building the reports, portlets and dashboards required to support the business during the various stages of PPM maturity.

Our CA Clarity PPM expert consultants and trainers have extensive hands on experience with the architecture, functionality, and technology of CA Clarity PPM

The extensive experience with a complete spectrum of business processes and requirements allow Annitek to seamlessly deploy a tailor made solution for each implementation. This ensures that everyone from the Portfolio to the timesheet managers get timely and relevant business intelligence from their PPM tool.

Besides, the company also offers training and onboarding service which includes real life exercises with problem resolution in their environment and eLearning sessions to assure that the deployments do not fail due to lack of user acceptance and training. With the “Day in the Life” series of training sessions, Annitek provides each business role a timely and relevant instructor lead training which assists them in their daily activities and improves their CA Clarity PPM.

Having a vast experience with REST API, the firm allows clients to seamlessly create integration between CA PPM and ServiceNOW using REST API. Customers can also bring data from ServiceNOW or CA CSM into Annitek Navigator to create a custom connector.

The Annitek Navigator can also be used to build Kanban Boards for client’s CA PPM reducing the need to update task status and expanding the functionality, thereby improving end user experience. Forging ahead, Annitek will continue to break down the data silos of the clients’ cloud and on-premise applications and consolidate data into one interactive dashboard.


Princeton, NJ

Liesa Krausse, VP

Provides proof of concepts and customer environment assessments for the administration of, CA Clarity PPM