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Natalie Ruiz, CEO
Work is not constrained to the office cubicle anymore; it is remote and beyond the office premises today. Since the dawn of the modern office, organizations were hesitant to institute a remote workforce. Many saw the work-from-home model as a trade-off between employee freedom and results. Likewise, employees worried their work would go unrecognized without in-person contact with employers.

The pandemic changed everything. Organizations shifted the workforce to work from home. As a result, they had to leverage technologies to support this new work style. In 2021, organizations face new challenges. From identifying the best tools to stay connected to devising performance tracking metrics, businesses need to reimagine the office in a digital environment.

Against this backdrop, AnswerConnect, a global telecommunications service company, is helping companies navigate the requirements of achieving a remote workforce seamlessly. Housed by the corporation AnywhereWorks, AnswerConnect offers customized live answering services to respond to calls on businesses’ behalf. With this added flexibility, organizations can choose to work from Anywhere. That added freedom allows businesses to cut the daily commute while building a coherent collaborative working environment.

Back in the early 2000s, the company realized the benefits that remote functionalities can render. The company itself was reliant on a co-located workforce until they faced a space crunch and tried to expand without investing huge money in real estate. Around this time, rudimentary remote work technologies were just beginning to emerge in the market. AnswerConnect utilized the opportunity to expand while bypassing increased costs and the limitations of being tied to one location presented. The company realized that, for more transparent and shareable work, they needed to invest in the right technologies. And with the freedom to work Anywhere, AnswerConnect could hire the best - not just the closest - talent.

But as the business grew, they realized many of the tools they adopted were clunky and not fit for purpose. As a result, AnswerConnect began to develop its own technology and - in time - began offering the same solutions to their clients. “Our tools and models empower businesses to work from Anywhere,” explains Natalie Ruiz, CEO of AnswerConnect. “That freedom is essential to enable businesses to build lasting connections with clients.”

AnswerConnect works with diverse clients including, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses who are, by design, wearing several hats, from being receptionists to marketers.

To effectively perform their business functions, they require robust communications with their clients. These reliable communications networks are even more essential in a remote culture. AnswerConnect provides its solution to address this need by offering 24/7/365 live answering and customized virtual reception services. They also provide a mobile app from which clients can track and respond to calls. The app allows video calls and web chats within the same platform to enable cross-platform communication.

The solution also includes an appointment scheduling service to enable AnswerConnect’s receptionist to manage schedules on behalf of the clients. Together, the suite of tools gives businesses the power to build real connections with their customers. Those connections are only possible because they’re established through professional virtual receptionists rather than automated voicemails or bots.

Our tools and models are empowering the idea of being able to work from anywhere, facilitating them to build robust connections with customers and improving the trust and loyalty

The prompt responses from the team’s receptionists improve the clients’ experiences and enable every caller to find answers to their questions whenever they reach out. Further, the technology allows clients to stay connected to their workers and customers and monitor the actions taking place in their absence. AnswerConnect has the ability to set up clients in a very short time, enabling clients to leverage the services within minutes.

Additionally, the technology allows call routing to be instantaneous, enabling the services to be uninterrupted during natural disasters, extreme weather events, and so on. “We’re able to automatically route calls to the receptionists who aren’t experiencing any disturbances and can seamlessly respond to the calls,” adds Natalie.

Besides their suite of virtual solutions, the company focuses on hiring the right receptionists for the businesses they support. The receptionists receive rigorous training to deliver excellent customer service, essentially acting as an extension of the client’s business. Although driven by a people-first approach, AnswerConnect’s superior performance is built on the technology behind it. Their system enables the virtual receptionists to see customer information as soon as an inquiry comes in. Not only does that allow them to offer prompt and accurate responses, it ensures every response is personalized to the caller.

Further, they can access the client’s website, use dynamic FAQs and a menu to resolve most of the queries received from the callers and web chat visitors.

Natalie shared an inspiring client story. While Natalie and her team were working with a group of franchisors, she met with a client who had been with AnswerConnect for several years. This client had founded her franchise business as an individual. Sadly the client had to face a number of personal hurdles which interfered with her work. She spent the entire day answering calls by herself. That led to her missing out on a number of customers, but it also limited time with her family.

After signing up to AnswerConnect, the client was able to respond to every call. She began taking more appointments and could respond to clients in her own time. By the time Natalie met the client in person, her franchise had evolved to be one of the fastest-growing franchises in the US.

As the world rapidly develops and adapts to new technologies, AnswerConnect will continue to help businesses build connections with their customers. Be it providing 24/7 support, qualifying leads or just greeting callers with a friendly voice, the company ensures clients have the freedom to scale their business and establish real connections with customers.


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Natalie Ruiz, CEO

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