ANSYS: Engineering Interactive Simulation Software

Simulation technologies play a great role in designing the buildings we live and work in, the cars we drive, the smart phones we carry, the medical devices that keep us healthy, and much more. Since ANSYS first introduced simulation software more than four decades ago, it has dramatically grown in its adoption by engineering teams around the world, in every industry, in every discipline.

ANSYS supports engineering simulation software to predict how designs will behave in real-world environments. The ANSYS 3-D Design family accelerates product development and brings innovations to promote faster and affordably. The firm offers 3-D Design exploration with its three flagship products AIM, Discovery Live, and SpaceClaim. ANSYS AIM seamlessly integrates design and simulation for all engineers, helping them to explore ideas and concepts in greater depth. AIM provides a single platform for simulation-driven product development.

ANSYS Discovery Live another product of 3-D Design enables interactive design exploration by providing an instantaneous simulation, coupled with direct geometry modeling.
It also supports common fluids, structural and thermal simulation applications and permits engineers to experiment with design ideas and perceive instant feedback. With the same thought of providing direct solution to make users life easy, the firm has come up with a direct modeling technology called SpaceClaim. This streamlines creating, repairing or editing design geometry. SpaceClaim’s tools are designed to remove geometry bottlenecks and accelerate the design process.

World’s leading companies have adopted the ANSYS simulation platform — to transform the way they innovate and engineer their next-generation products and maintenance services. The firm also holds forte in Engineering Simulation, Design Optimization, Finite Element Analysis (FEA, FEM), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and much more. ANSYS trails the vision to develop and deliver world-class simulation software to address customer’s future demands.


Canonsburg, PA

Ajei S. Gopal, President and CEO

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