Anthem Engineering: Technology-Agnostic Engineering Consulting

Charles Simpson, Chief Scientist
Serving the government and private sectors with equal ease is no mean achievement for an organization that is relatively young. And that is exactly how Anthem Engineering, based in Elkridge, MD, stands out from the rest. Charles Simpson, chief scientist, Anthem Engineering, mentions that organizations across government and private sectors are collecting vast sets of data, only to be stored in corporate data houses. Anthem Engineering provides engineering consulting and software development services in a technology-agnostic manner for government and private sector clients, by leveraging the latest technologies. The company has carved a niche for itself in collecting, analyzing, and safeguarding classified information in highly regulated environments. “We consolidate our knowledge and experience of working with government and private sectors to provide greater value to all our clients,” mentions Simpson.

Anthem Engineering’s consultation process typically begins with discussions at all levels with the client organization, which includes the actual users of the end product, in addition to senior executives like CIOs and CTOs. Simpson stresses on the need for interactions with employees as a company’s leadership tend to perceive problems differently from users. “We work with the analysts of clients in each domain to understand the patterns in which data needs to be structured, by applying domain-specific knowledge,” says Simpson. Having understood the pain points and objectives to be achieved, Anthem puts forth a recommendation to address the situation, which may include using an open source product or customizing an existing product. Following the client’s approval, Anthem Engineering’s cross-functional teams consisting of software architects, developers, and DevOps engineers enter the fray to deliver the entire lifecycle starting from architecture to operations and maintenance. Unlike most other consultants, Anthem Engineering continues to attend to client needs even after the go-live.

The expertise of Anthem Engineering’s talented pool of engineers has had several organizations seeking the company’s services. Among them was a financial services company that had lost several customers to its competitors since its customer self-service application’s user interface left much to be desired.

We consolidate our knowledge and experience of working with government and private sectors to provide greater value to all our clients

When brought onboard, Anthem Engineering’s UI developers and backend integration engineers worked extensively with the client’s developer team to design, architect, build, and deliver a new version of the application. Through the venture, Anthem Engineering helped its client reach out to customers globally through a modern cloud-based environment. Subsequently, the company could deliver an enhanced experience to users at a reduced cost.

In order to take the consultation process to a greater level, Anthem Engineering is in the process of launching a new product called the Conveyor. Built as an open source tool, Conveyor demonstrates Anthem Engineering’s ability to deal with data in motion to help organizations move their data collected from multiple sources securely, reliably, and robustly to the analytics environment. Furthermore, Conveyor provides visibility into the exact location of each dataset and the users having access to it. Organizations get to access data in multiple formats according to their governance policies, without compromising on privacy or data integrity.

Helping clients realize the value of Conveyor besides providing top-notch technology consulting services is a priority for Anthem Engineering. Considering its expertise in handling confidential data in highly regulated sectors, the company intends to engage with more clients in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, Simpson states that the company is open to building more products and applications along the lines of Conveyor to cater to similar requirements from clients, so as to help more firms enjoy the benefits of its open source tools. “It is important for us to keep innovating as people are leaning toward open source,” concludes Simpson.

Anthem Engineering

Elkridge, MD

Charles Simpson, Chief Scientist

Provides technology-agnostic consultation services for government and private sectors

Anthem Engineering