Antics Digital Marketing: An enterprise class real time Marketing Automation Platform

Charles Ogden, Co-Founder & CEO
“As the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two—and only two—basic functions: marketing and innovation. They produce results; all the rest are costs.” –The very subtle remark made by the management guru Peter Drucker might have been lost in the sands of time but it surely fits the current business scenario. For years, companies are spending a fortune on branding and marketing to build and strengthen their relationship with customers. However, the landscape is changing dramatically, eliminating the old marketing strategies and embracing marketing automation software that enables customer engagement and personalized communications, forming the glue between advertising campaigns, back-end tracking and analytic systems. On the forefront of this very transformation, Antics Digital Marketing helps organizations build brand loyalty through customer lifecycle and utility marketing programs that fuse web, social media and mobile channels.

Headquartered in Belmont, California, Antics provides a software platform for real time marketing that includes the basics of customer registration, validation, profiling, dynamic segmentation, automated cross-channel communication, loyalty and reward points, as well as a way to customize campaign functionality, which helps organizations achieve rapid deployment of customized marketing solutions and build brands.

Antics’ flagship product, Antics DMS, is a new type of marketing automation platform, which makes it faster and easier to deploy highly customized real-time marketing programs. Antics DMS natively handles things like data collection, dynamic segmentation, personalized content delivery, reward points, scoring and incentives for social sharing. Instead of using static list, the Antics DMS platform uses dynamic audiences that segment customers in real time as they engage and transact, reacting instantly to personalize the customer experience. To deliver content, offers, or communications that are relevant to the customer’s behavior, Antics DMS uses a non-linear approach. “Because it’s not necessary to reinvent the entire wheel every time a client needs to create a customized solution, our delivery times for specialized solutions are significantly shorter than what most clients expect,” says Charles Ogden, Antics’ CEO.

To make it easy to add custom functionality, Antics DMS has an interface to tie in custom widgets, apps, and plug-ins that turn campaigns into highly specialized database marketing programs. The platform is integrated with other leading solutions like Salesforce, WordPress, and Facebook to share data. The company has a cross-functional team that creates standalone apps and custom components for Antics DMS-powered programs. “The programs we create tend to operate on the front end, so to speak, and keep data synchronized with a client’s existing back end systems,” notes Ogden.

The programs we create tend to operate on the front end, so to speak, and keep data synchronized with a client’s existing back end systems

Ogden believes that successful marketing programs in today’s environment must be based on sound strategies, an ability to adapt quickly in response to market forces, and a creative approach to user experience.
“For us, creativity is a broad term. There’s creativity in visual design, copy, content, user experience design, and software design. Yes, we consider engineering to be a creative position and our technology teams participate in brainstorming sessions alongside strategy and design teams. We find that these three skill sets are both complementary and necessary–the creative process can influence strategy and technology; technology can expand creative and strategic thinking; and strategy can impact creativity and the development of technology. Our experience has taught us that an interdisciplinary team of strategic, creative, and technology experts yields the most successful marketing and sales programs,” says Ogden.

Real time marketing fetches a huge chunk of data every second. It’s one thing to capture data for the purpose of analysis; it’s another to apply it in real time to improve the customer’s experience. Using data to improve the customer experience has become an absolute necessity to leave the competitor behind. The team at Antics considers big data and utility marketing to have a significant impact on the marketing initiatives for organizations in the near future. “Utility marketing is a way to build brand affinity by providing functional value in your marketing campaigns. Through the use of technology and apps, marketing programs are crossing over into product territory, adding utility value to a customer’s brand experience. There aren’t many people talking about this trend yet, but it has started and it will improve both marketing efficiencies and the customer experience. These utility campaigns are like products themselves. It provides the same type of ongoing benefit. The advantage for marketers is that a utility marketing campaign can both attract customers and help build retention and loyalty, driving overall marketing efficiency,” says Ogden.

Antics differentiates itself by an objective of not selling as many similar configurations as possible. Instead, the company strives to enable as many unique configurations as possible that provide more benefit to the clients as well as their customers. “It’s why we’ve created a product strategy and business model to embrace customization and market change, giving us an ability to continually launch highly customized and unique initiatives very rapidly. Our approach is a model for companies that provide both services and technology,” asserts Ogden.

For the past 16 years, Antics’ has helped clients build customer loyalty and value through CRM. It launched Antics DMS to fill a market need for brands to rapidly deploy customized real time marketing programs. For instance, Actavis, a pharmaceutical company, uses Antics DMS to power a consumer marketing program for women that awards points for their activities. Consumers can allocate their points to participating women’s charities and the company makes donations accordingly. Consumers engage with the program on the website, with the mobile app, in Facebook, through email or SMS. After implementing the program, the company is experiencing customer retention rates twice as high than before.

“Moving forward, Antics foresees that brands will need to drive loyalty earlier in the customer lifecycle. “To stay ahead brands can use marketing automation not just to attract customers, but to provide exceptional experiences throughout the lifecycle,” says Ogden. “When you offer value and improve brand engagement, you accelerate loyalty and reduce defections.” By enabling marketing innovation, the company is helping its clients enact Drucker’s philosophy”.

Antics Digital Marketing

Belmont, CA

Charles Ogden, Co-Founder & CEO

A full-service digital marketing firm that helps companies build brand through a combination of marketing automation technology and creative programs that fuse web, social media and mobile channels.