Anvato: On-Premise Key for a Live Experience

Alper Turgut, CEO
With the evolution of internet and video technologies, every company focuses on cloud for operating and monitoring applications, data and services. Even the TV broadcasters and the media companies demand live encoding software to work on the flow of video publishing.

Anvato, headquartered in Mountain View, CA, brings cloud management software for multi- screen live streaming, video publishing and monetization strategies. The company provides integrated TV platform solution whereby video capture and live editing can be automated in the video publishing architecture.

Along with this, Anvato’s Hybrid Architecture provides low cost, onpremise processing with scalable cloud infrastructures enabling on demand video processing for iOS, Android and desktop devices.
For the media companies, the company has different solutions like Live Editor where one can start editing by selecting shows from the program guide even if the show is airing and even cut and trim clips, move clips across and merge them together.

It automatically detects scene changes and commercial breaks allowing the editor to delete them in one click. Along with this solution, others include Live Streaming and Live Video Capture. Customers want to reach easily to the audiences and for this companies like Fox Sports, NBC and GRAY have implemented Anvato’s solution so that viewers can watch everything on television, mobiles and desktops without interruption.

By implementing cloud management software solutions for the broadcasters, the company is focusing on giving quality and reliability. “We provide open, player independent solution that can be installed behind your firewall or used as a service in the cloud,” says Alper Turgut, CEO, Anvato.


Mountain View, CA

Alper Turgut, CEO

Provides integrated TV platform solutions.