AnyPerk: The New Happy-Perking Mantra

Taro Fukuyama, CEO and Co-Founder
Happy employees are twice as productive at work, but only one in five employees reports being satisfied with their job. It’s been shown time and again that the majority of American workers don’t enjoy going to work every day. With an aim to resolve this difficult state of affairs, AnyPerk was founded in 2012 to offer employers an opportunity to delight their workers inside and outside of the office, using their software as a service (SaaS) Platform. AnyPerk aims to deliver perks and rewards that employees will actually redeem—perks that match employees’ needs and interests and make them feel valued. They are delivered through an easy-to-use rewards portal, helping companies delight their employees and strengthen the employer-employee bond.

CEO and Co-founder Taro Fukuyama cites the Japanese baseball legend Ichiro Suzuki’s untenable success (despite the odds against him) as the motivation to make a difference in the U.S. It inspired him to envision his future company’s perks as being on par with those of companies like Google and Facebook.

AnyPerk works in a simple easy-tonavigate interface where each employee has their own dashboard with access to over 400 perks arranged exclusively for AnyPerk members. AnyPerk also enhances users’ browsing experience with an extension on Chrome that pops up a banner if there is an option to redeem a discount for that particular brand or website. AnyPerk’s perk management platform provides customers that already have their own perks program with a white-labeled portal where they can manage all of their employee discounts.

AnyPerk stays ahead of competition by listening to what customers and their employee swant and negotiating topnotch deals with the most appealing vendors on their behalf. Fukuyama affirms, “All our perks are long-term, and therefore a discount that is available today will still be there in six months. We understand that sort of consistency is valuable to customers.”
On the benefits of perks, Taro observes that these days, it takes more than a standard set of benefits to wow a recruit. When candidates and employees are offered special perks that are customized for their lifestyles and needs, they feel valued and cared for. When employees feel valued, they’re more productive, and as a result, happier with their jobs and responsibilities.

That happiness is key to their desire to stick with a company and continuously improve their performance. Taro says, “We work with a mindset that there is no limit to the perks we can offer our customers.”

AnyPerk believes employee happiness is a business problem, and its perks platform helps customers easily recognize and reward employees with the kinds of perks once available only to blue-chip organizations. They believe there is no limit to the perks offered to customers, often going after perks that customers request themselves!

Taro has raised capital to launch his website and service, forming meaningful relationships with many partners and companies, some of whom have even committed to funding the next stage in AnyPerk’s expansion. Today, they serve many large and small companies throughout the country, mostly in the tech industry but also in retail, realestate, insurance and professional services. With a strong customer base of 2,500 companies, AnyPerk is expanding to communities across the country and is currently working on a mobile app and exciting technological implementations like location b a s e d discounts.

We work with a mindset that there is no limit to the perks we can offer our customers


San Francisco, CA

Taro Fukuyama, CEO and Co-Founder

Helps companies create rewarding work environment by provides perks and discounts for employees