Anywhere365: Go Beyond the Legacy Contact Center - Dialogue Management for the Business Enterprise

In today’s customer-centric business world, responsiveness and personalization play a key role in customer interactions. Businesses are required to deliver high-quality interactions with a proactive approach to ensure the exchange of dialogues with the customers is—to the point. Though organizations take initiatives to achieve streamlined dialogue management, they are being weighed down by the contact center solutions that are inherently siloed in nature, complex to configure, hard to maintain and based on proprietary software. Lack of intelligence in customer interactions poses an additional challenge. WORKSTREAMPEOPLE is a dialogue management solution provider that brings intelligence into communication for the business enterprise. They offer Anywhere365, an intuitive, intelligent, data-driven unified contact center solution which helps organizations to seamlessly manage dialogues of all modalities between clients, employees, groups, and partners spread across the globe. Built natively for Microsoft Skype for Business, and Lync, Anywhere365 drives dialogue management efficiency. “Anywhere365 can be deployed as a contact center, service desk, global helpdesk, and boss/admin switch,” says Gijs Geurts, CEO and Founder, WORKSTREAMPEOPLE, “Anywhere365 leverages the existing investment in Lync or Skype for Business, to provide near turn-key dialogue management capabilities.”

Anywhere365 provides a configurable communications platform that can be deployed in a matter of hours. According to Geurts, enterprises that use Anywhere365 see a large reduction in unnecessary dialogues, making the business more productive and offering enhanced customer service. The in depth business intelligence provided by Anywhere365 empowers organizations to make informed decisions, gain information on the hidden dialogue patterns, and streamline their business communication. The Data Intelligence feature of Anywhere365 enables real-time reporting, which covers voice calling, chat, web-chat, and email, where it provides instant feedback on call volumes, detects seasonal patterns, and agent and skill sorting capabilities. The company also offers call routing and PBX routing services.

WORKSTREAMPEOPLE leverages a large set of back-end systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SalesForce, to help businesses making informed decisions. The Anywhere365 platform recognizes the incoming call as to whether it is a video call, voice call, or web chat and then it quickly zeroes-in on the best candidate—among the available pool of agents—to respond to the call. The platform leverages the available data including that from the back office systems to make quick and accurate decisions. The Lync Federation feature enables organizations using Anywhere365 unified contact center to add agents from outside the organization as additional reinforcement in case of peak demands. “Our licensing structure allows for unlimited agents for a single server license,” says Geurts, “There are no financial limitations to deploying the solution throughout the organization.”

Anywhere365 can be deployed as a contact center, service desk, global helpdesk, reception attendant, leveraging the existing investment in Skype for Business

Designed to work on-premise, hybrid or cloud, Anywhere365 has features that include Real-time Wallboard, Reception Attendant, Webchat, Grid Chat App, Recording, Compliancy Routing and many more.

Catering to over 300 clients on all continents, clients such as Philip Morris International, UCB Pharmaceutical and London School of Business rely on Anywhere365 as their mission critical dialogue management platform. For Swarovski, Anywhere365 allowed the Austria-based luxury product manufacturer to deal with the complexities in managing a variety of global contact center and helpdesk solutions. Having a presence in 180 countries meant that the communication and collaboration setup needed to be seamless. The company implemented Anywhere365 on its already existing Skype for Business infrastructure, which significantly reduced the amount of cost and streamlined operations.

“Our goal is to become the product of choice for dialogue management based on Skype for Business,” asserts Geurts. With its umbrella approach in ensuring a seamless global dialogue platform, the company breaks the down the silos of legacy contact centers as it tightly knits the global audience to collaborate better using the robust infrastructure of Skype.


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Gijs Geurts, Founder & CEO

A provider of unified contact center solution built on Microsoft Skype for Business, and Lync