AODocs: Enterprise Document Management Made Google-easy

Stéphane Donzé, Founder & CEO
Electronic document management has traditionally been focused on solving two problems: content preservation and regulatory compliance. However, new document management solutions built in the cloud are revolutionizing how organizational leaders and end users are managing enterprise content.

“This has to do with generational change - older systems don’t provide a great user experience because regulatory pressures didn’t require it,” says Stéphane Donzé, founder and CEO of AODocs, an enterprise document management solution built on top of Google Drive. “The newer generation adds another demand: better ease of use - and AODocs helps leadership address this new demand.”

Based in San Francisco, AODocs is the first enterprise document management solution recommended by Google for Work. “The creation and evolution of AODocs was based on customer feedback,” remarks Donzé. “Enterprise users wanted to leverage Google Apps, but were missing key features to move forward - we realized that we could eliminate this barrier for them by building AODocs.”

As such, AODocs is built entirely on Google Drive, retaining the scalability, usability, and security features of Google’s own infrastructure, but adds advanced features, such as workflow, metadata, and version control to solve real business problems. “Our customers rely on AODocs to implement quality control processes, manage their manufacturing procedures, or improve employee onboarding,” says Donzé. “And our migration connectors help customers easily replace expensive on - premises servers like Sharepoint, Lotus Notes or OpenText with AODocs, backed by Google Drive’s cost effective storage.” Indeed, customers are picking up on the benefits AODocs and Google Drive bring and the number of documents managed by AODocs is now growing by more than 20 percent a month.

We concentrate on the key elements that create a complete value proposition: protecting documents, organizing content, and preserving the Google user experience

From Document Management to Business Application platform

Customers initially came to AODocs for its enterprise document management solutions, but as the company evolves with its customers, it is clearly becoming a platform for business applications.

In one instance, Ceva, a global company specializing in pharmaceuticals used Google Drive with AODocs to manage its product registrations in Brazil. The company faced a complex situation as an internally paperless company; they were in the midst of managing different stages of approval from numerous government and authorization agencies, which necessitated a lot of physical paperwork. “With AODocs, we were able to scan our documents and add metadata to become truly paperless,” says François Tricot, CIO of Ceva. “We implemented document libraries to track the registration process of our products, and configured customized views that provide detailed reports on the status of their requests, licenses, and other documents.”

“The next step is to add even more reporting and integration features,” says Donzé. “Using AODocs, our customers will be able to easily configure their business critical applications combining their Google Drive documents with data coming from their ERP, CRM and other business systems.”


San Francisco, CA

Stéphane Donzé, Founder & CEO

An enterprise document management solution, built on Google Drive