AOE Inc., the Open Web Company: Customized Open Source Solution for Digital Transformation

Kian T. Gould, Founder & CEO
The software industry has seen a rapid shift towards Open Source Software (OSS) for continuous innovation and integration of like-minded partners. Open Source platforms are widely preferred by businesses due to their short time-to-market, and the ability to adapt to the changing e-commerce trends. In the wake of this large scale shift towards OSS, AOE has emerged as one of the companies at the forefront of providing Enterprise-grade Open Source solutions. “At AOE, the entire focus is on integrating Open Source technology for digital transformation of businesses and the retail/e-commerce industry,” says Kian T. Gould, Founder and CEO, AOE.

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany and with offices around the world, AOE provides Open Source based e-commerce and digital business platforms across the world. The company utilizes leading Open Source platforms like Magento, MuleESB, TYPO3, and OroCRM and customizes and integrates them within the clients’ IT environments. AOE has been fostering the Open Source culture since its inception, making them well known among developers and clients who are moving towards this new trend.
AOE, through its experienced team of engineers, delivers omni-channel e-commerce platforms with Product Information Management (PIM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)—all relying on Open Source. Earlier, these deliverables were available only through Oracle, IBM, SAP, or Microsoft’s technologies which require much higher cost of ownership as well as integration efforts. Gould says, “We are the leading global provider of omni-channel business digitalization platforms that are 100 percent based on Open Source.”

In this competitive market, clients often feel the need to transform their business processes to a digital and progressive platform. In any digital transformation and e-commerce project, the focus is often only on Content Management System (CMS) or e-commerce tools, which isn’t enough. With AOE in the picture, the full scale implementation and optimization of Open Source technologies and platforms come into play to meet the client’s requirement. “We strongly believe in a best-of-breed integration strategy, rather than the proprietary vendor strategy of trying to build overly complex suites of software to cover every use case imaginable.” says Gould.
AOE’s internal work culture and innovative team structure, makes them different from most other solution providers in the market. There are no hierarchies or reporting structures within the departments. AOE follows an agile and holacracy approach which gives team members equal importance in the decision making process. The firm believes Open Source is much more than a process of distribution or sales methodology. As increasing amounts of enterprises embrace Open Source technologies, Gould says, “Open Source works well only if there is a balance between the software technology and the integration partner delivering necessary support. An annual staff fluctuation rate of less than 1 percent enables our workforce to have deep understanding of our core technology stacks and teams take much less time to reach full performance in projects.”

AOE has helped many of its clients transform their businesses to meet the ever changing demands of target customers. Recently the firm helped Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) re-platform their entire web operation to an Open Source Web CMS platform in 14 languages across 57 countries. With a time-to-market that surpassed anything previously seen at Sony this new strategy has proven extremely successful with the ROI already realized within 18 months.

We are the leading provider of omni-channel business digitalization platforms that are 100 percent based on Open Source

Moving forward, AOE looks to become the leading Open Source integrator globally, aiming to open additional offices in strategic positions in the world. The firm is building on its success by innovating and driving new technologies to provide a complete holistic approach towards the Open Source based digital transformation.


San Francisco, Frankfurt, HongKong

Kian T. Gould, Founder & CEO

Provider of Open Source-based portal development, web content management,and e-Commerce solutions.