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Kian T. Gould Founder & CEO
In today’s modern world, it is increasingly important for companies to use their websites to drive business processes. Taking one step at a time, critical business processes – regardless of type – are migrating to web and are being replaced by specialized enterprise web platforms. Going by this trend, AOE amplifies state-of-the-art Open Source Enterprise Web Solutions that helps to optimize business processes, reduce costs and are intuitive to operate. “We strongly believe in a best-of-breed integration strategy, rather than the proprietary vendor strategy of trying to build overly complex suites of software to cover every use case imaginable,” asserts Kian T. Gould, Founder and CEO, AOE. Using high-performance and leading Open Source web application frameworks, AOE develops intricate web applications with a high degree of flexibility and scalability.

Enterprise Web Content Management Systems (ECMS) being the strategic theme of IT systems architecture of modern companies are now becoming the central interface for various corporate processes. ECMS fulfills vital role in localizing web content for various language versions while considering cultural differences. A virtually unlimited number of language versions can be clearly mapped in a single application, thus simplifying the localization process of new language version – for example, by company expansion or when new markets are being developed.

AOE’s flagship product, TYPO3 CMS is an open source Web Content Management System that designs complex websites, intranets and extranets in business-critical environments. In contrast to many other open source CMS available in the market, TYPO3 offers the integration of a variety of third-party applications into the existing software architecture. For global companies and corporations with a large amount of information and a high number of employees TYPO3 provides almost unlimited opportunities to be able to meet growing demands in the future.

Having been in the market place for more than 17 years of designing and developing complex Enterprise Web Content Management Systems based on Open Source technology the firm has successfully launched over 1,500 projects worldwide.

We strongly believe in a best-of-breed integration strategy, rather than the proprietary vendor strategy

In one instance, Hankook Tire, an automotive company approached AOE as they wanted to replace their former CMS-developed in-house with an Open Source solution based on TYPO3. In the context of a redesign and technical implementation of Hankook's new European portal their project required a completely new structure, based on the latest developments in web usability. They wanted to create a website which on one hand, would fittingly present the company's products in an appropriate setting and, on the other, would offer a wealth of practical information and useful web-tools to explore the world of Hankook Tires. For this purpose, the AOE developed "Tire Presenter” which included the necessary features for searching, finding, presenting and comparing tires, and allowed access to almost 1,400 different versions of all-weather tires. Thus the new portal was a milestone for Hankook as they were able to integrate and edit content online, saving time and reducing costs – thus offering a far higher ROI than the previous CMS.

Moving forward, AOE is intent on making enterprises successful with regards to their goals around Open source Enterprise Web Management systems. The company will work towards expanding and developing their framework’s functionality to suit the needs of modern websites based on TYPO3. “Our success depends on the quality of our teams. We implement this approach—which helps us foster every single employee’s potential. Our open corporate culture offers new ideas and the continuous exchange of knowledge,” concludes Gould.


Burlingame, CA

Kian T. Gould Founder & CEO

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