AOTMP: Fostering a Supercharged Telecom Management Ecosystem

Timothy C. Colwell, SVP, Efficiency First Adoption
When the key management members of AOTMP, a global information, research and advisory firm for telecom management best practices and industry standards based out of Indianapolis, sold their telecom bill auditing company, they observed that a disparity exists between business and technology operations, especially in the telecommunication sector. They noted that while technological advancements were moving at a breakneck speed, the business operations were not able to keep up with the pace. This motivated the members to venture into this territory and mitigate such challenges. Under the guidance and leadership of Tim Lybrook, the cornerstone of AOTMP was, therefore, laid in 2003. “There needs to be a balance between technology, which is being used by business, and the business practices that allows having tactical and financial control,” remarks Timothy C. Colwell, SVP, Efficiency First® Adoption, AOTMP. The overarching theme behind the genesis of AOTMP is to empower telecom organizations with a unique solution that allows them to optimize the technology associated with their communication wing; enabling greater technology assimilation that connects them to the telecom management ecosystem and positively impacts their bottom line. In their unique definition, “telecom management” includes all network services, carrier services, mobility and IoT solutions, cloud solutions, software, hardware, and emerging technologies that impact telecom environment performance.

We continue to hear the buzz around “cloud” and everything seem as s-scale cloud implementations and migrations, yet such movements are potent obstacles for business operations. Although both cloud and data-center-based models might lead to similar user experience from the technological standpoint, the inherent complexity of managing these disparate infrastructures is an uphill task. “Having a framework that allows people to adapt to techno-financial practices up against the technology that is evolving at a rapid pace creates a lot of opportunities for organizations to balance agility and relevance of business operations,” Colwell adds. AOTMP’s Efficiency First® Framework, which is the outcome of such pressing needs, is a process improvement methodology that bridges the gap between technology and business. This unique framework focuses specifically on telecom mobility and technology and is embedded with a performance scale that allows organizations to compare their performance with competitors as well as the market standards.

Most enterprises, these days, have to tap into digital transformation and imbibe it in their workflow to support rapidly shifting business strategy. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to be aware of the performance metrics in today’s fast-evolving landscape.
To that end, Efficiency First® Framework provides analytics and forecasting solutions that assist organizations to glean insights into the imminent trends and morph their performance metrics and business strategies accordingly. All in all, AOTMP’s solutions equip organizations with cognizance of technological aspects of today and future, allowing them to plan any business changes, well in advance, thereby bringing technology and business closer to each other.

Efficiency First® Framework provides analytics and forecasting solutions that assist organizations to glean insights into the imminent trends and morph their performance metrics and business strategies accordingly

To elucidate further Colwell cites the example of a global enterprise–a client of AOTMP–that confronted numerous challenges while updating their voice communication (from traditional PSTN to VoIP), video conferencing, and network infrastructure. While the company aced the technological side of the deal, the business operations appeared fragmented. The conundrum was intensified by the duplicity of efforts and inconsistency in delivery, leading to financial losses. After implementation of Efficiency First® Framework, this global enterprise gained better visibility and access to all of its systems, which enhanced the overall efficiency and simplified their technology transformation initiative. Asides, Efficiency First® Framework equipped them with a globally accessible workflow, thereby reducing their overhead cost and augmenting their business agility.

Going forward, AOTMP has plans of expanding, globalizing, and localizing of their business. Furthermore, the firm envisions broadening the horizons of its solutions portfolio to accommodate new technologies such as AI, IoT, and cybersecurity. Alongside that, AOTMP endeavors to bring more agility to its analytics wing, which will strengthen its forecasting abilities, and empower organizations with insights into the trends that will engulf the technology marketplace in the near future.


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Timothy C. Colwell, SVP, Efficiency First Adoption

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