Apakau: Improving Network Latency with an API Data Delivery Network™

CIO VendorVic Cekvenich CEO
In the early 2000s, CDNs came to the rescue of companies delivering high availability of static content over the internet such as videos, images, application downloads, media and the like,” said Vic Cekvenich, the CEO of Apakau, a new company that targets slow application perfor-mance by complementing CDN’s. “Since then, the market has shifted to a mobile-centric world where every 100ms delay means lost opportunity and revenues. This trend created a need for Apakau, to deliver great end-user performance in spite of increasing network traffic and the explosive growth of mobile and other devices on the worldwide internet, while reducing data center costs.”

The Sunnyvale-based firm provides a patented geo-distributed API Data Delivery Network™ (API DDN) service that helps enterprises shore up the performance for their web and mobile APIs. Amazingly enough, its clients only have to make a simple DNS configuration change to deploy the technology. “Apakau meets the challenges of Enterprise Mobility by pro-viding 10x faster performance through traffic shaping of enterprise mobile applications and APIs,” said Cekvenich.

The company’s API DDN service complements existing CDNs. “By using local points-of-presence (LPOPs), Apakau does for mobile devices and APIs what CDNs did for the web,” says Cekvenich. Adverse end-user experience comes from users who are further from the origin data center having intermittently high latency. In a similar way to CDNs, Apakau uses LPOPs to intercept the API traffic very close to the cell towers and ISPs, then optimizes TCP settings from the mobile device fixing well known ISP issues.
Apakau’s customers use the Dashboard to monitor traffic, including all types of traffic spikes and dictionary attacks, to shape traffic and mitigate DDoS attacks by prioritizing delivery functions.

“If data center load exceeds 90 percent capacity, a policy can be applied to accelerate existing transactions in progress, such as shopping cart transactions, or allowing only U.S. traffic while delaying others such as traffic from abroad. We offer a uniquely easy-to-deploy solution without having customers change existing data centers or application infrastructure,” adds Cekvenich.

Early users report positive experience with Apakau’s technology. AccountingSuite, a leading provider of all-in-one business management applications, had major issues with network latency. The company tried to fix the problem by moving its data center from New York to Dallas without much success. But when it adopted Apakau’s API DDN, AccountingSuite saw response times improve tenfold, from two and half seconds to less than 200 milliseconds. These improvements help companies like AccountingSuite curtail costs and realize savings worth millions of dollars a month. Apakau’s pre-sales consulting and free analysis of API performance earns them a reputation for excellent customer service.

Apakau’s solutions provide 10x faster performance through traffic shaping of enterprise mobile applications and APIs

Going forward, Apakau plans to explore global markets and partners and considers licensing of its technology to offer customers a wide range of choices for technology solutions. “We see huge potential for growth. The market for mobile applications is robust, and the usage of APIs is expected to keep rising. Apakau is positioned to emerge as a leader in this space,” said Cekvenich.


Vic Cekvenich CEO

Provider of a patent-pending geo-distributed application Data Delivery Net-work™(App DDN) that helps enterprises reduce network latency for web and mobile API performance.