APCER Life Sciences: From Patient Voice to Product Value through Integrated Solutions

Suneet Walia, Director, President & CEO
Disruptive innovations and technologies are changing the way healthcare is delivered and medicine is practiced. The pharmaceutical industry is applying data analytics to improve the information upon which practitioners and researchers make decisions and embrace the cloud as the epicenter of healthcare. As life science companies adapt to this new era characterized by big data and mobile technology, it is up to the CIOs to find robust solutions that can deliver tangible benefits to patients and their organizations. “Technology is an enabler and a source to gain a competitive edge in the market,” says Suneet Walia, President and CEO, APCER Life Sciences, and a former Executive Director at Ranbaxy. “As a service provider and a trusted partner, we make sure that our customers have the right set of tools to infuse efficiency and consistency into their regulated processes.” In simple terms, Princeton, NJ-based APCER helps pharmaceutical companies build a haystack of patient data and look for the needle–that rare side effect that wasn’t identified in clinical studies.

APCER Life Sciences provides end-to-end pharmacovigilance, medical information, and medical writing services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, medical device, and consumer products. With in-house, highly skilled healthcare professionals around the globe, APCER customizes solutions to meet clients’ budgets and needs. The company provides safety and medical information services through its Integrated Response Center (IRC), which is available 24/7 to respond to patients, healthcare providers, payers and researchers. “Through our integrated technology, we deliver a continuum of services that captures the patient voice on one end and provides evidence of safety and product value at the other,” adds Walia.

Developing standardized solutions for a wide range of demands can be quite challenging in a highly regulated industry like pharma. Nearly every country has its own regulatory standards, raising the bar for vendors to become an international brand. However, APCER has used the complexity as a platform for growth across continents, as the company’s services are designed to precisely meet the needs of global regulations and compliance.

We make sure that our clients have the right set of tools to infuse efficiency and consistency into their regulated processes

The company is also known for its medical writing expertise in clinical and nonclinical areas within the pharma space.

APCER Life Sciences has broken various traditional silos in the pharma domain with its technology prowess. In one case, APCER was approached by a specialty pharma company that was unable to send their Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) to physicians for scientific interaction due to cost and geographical constraints. “For such players, we are developing a hybrid solution that will allow them to communicate with our professionals and meet their scientific learning needs irrespective of their location,” says Walia. Likewise, a large global pharma company knocked on the door of APCER to design a scalable solution for safety and medical services. “This client was launching more than thirty new drugs and devices across Europe,” highlights Walia. The company needed an integrated platform that ensured the handoff between medical information, product quality and drug safety happened without missing important patient and compliance information, especially with the many languages involved. “We responded by providing a 24x7 team that could handle rapidly increasing call volumes as products were launched,” adds Walia. The team of experienced healthcare professionals leveraged APCER’s integrated medical information and safety systems to respond to the client’s stakeholders, reduce expenses, and optimize processes.

APCER is making provisions to expand their footprint further in Far East Asia—including Japan, South Korea, and China. “We will also keep adding services that complement our core competence,” concludes Walia. “Solutions that provide higher efficiency and compliance to the pharma space will be our priority in the coming days.”

APCER Life Sciences

Princeton, NJ

Suneet Walia, Director, President & CEO

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APCER Life Sciences