APCON: Total Network Visibility—Like Never Before

Richard Rauch, President & CEO
With a strategic intention to reduce costs, increase service delivery speeds, and achieve greater flexibility, enterprises are increasingly deploying their mission-critical applications in virtualized environments—a shift that has proved successful so far. However, nothing comes for free. According to Richard Rauch, APCON’s President and CEO, “virtual service innovation, coupled with network expansion needs, increases challenges for security and monitoring. In some situations, virtualization results in a loss of network visibility, with no ability to monitor potentially dangerous traffic flows.” To that end, APCON partners with RSA Security to offer IT organizations and data centers with total network visibility to fight against emerging security threats. The firm ties RSA Security Analytics with their intelligent network monitoring switches and advanced packet manipulation capabilities to roll out a total security solution with threat detection and analytics capabilities needed to counteract evolving threats.

Monitoring as a whole requires real-time visibility, and high-powered analytics coupled with long-term data retention—RSA Security Analytics solution does it all with its ‘capture infrastructure’ and ‘analysis and retention infrastructure’ features. The highly configurable solution enables real-time collection, filtering, enrichment, and analysis of network packets as well as log data. APCON IntellaFlex, a set of advanced monitoring switches, complements RSA Security by providing network forensics and packet capture devices with customized data streams aggregated from multiple points on the enterprise network. APCON’s innate capabilities to gather and manipulate data at packet levels facilitate subjecting data traffic to RSA Security Analytics’ decoders for security and threat analysis. The combined approach prevents data loss and enables collection of more data per packet capture, deduplication for tool optimization, and packet slicing to meet compliance needs.

“By combining the high-level capacity and reliability of APCON with RSA’s industry-leading security solutions, businesses can obtain new levels of insight to enhance network security and performance,” extols Rauch. With such a system in place, enterprises can gain complete visibility into data traffic workflows to eliminate blind spots across logs, networks, and end-points.

APCON has been diligently working toward their unwavering commitment to deliver smart, stable, and scalable network visibility

They can additionally detect and analyze current and previous attacks to identify high-risk indicators of compromise—harnessing the power of big data and data science techniques. Further, organizations can prioritize investigations in accordance to vulnerabilities and streamline multiple analysis workflows from a centralized platform.

The IntellaFlex family of network monitoring switches and blades, interoperable with RSA Security Analytics, has cleared critical business roadblocks for a multitude of enterprises. For instance, a major financial services company faced visibility issues with their in-house network monitoring system for which, they approached APCON. By implementing APCON switches integrated with the RSA Security Analytics tools, the client was able to easily meet detection, investigation, analysis, forensic, and compliance needs—in a cost-effective manner.

Over the past two decades, APCON has been diligently working toward their unwavering commitment to deliver smart, stable, and scalable network visibility and security solutions to customers ranging mid-size to Fortune 500s. On a recent note, to better serve healthcare clients, the firm added new data security and privacy advancements to their HyperEngine Packet Processor (HEPP)—an advanced feature inherent in IntellaFlex solutions. “With increasing security threats and continuing compliance requirements, healthcare IT and security teams are demanding more insights and data protection across their networks,” notes Rauch. “The new advancements to our HEPP allow healthcare’s IT engineers gain more visibility into their network traffic while protecting patient’s private information,” he concludes.


Wilsonville, OR

Richard Rauch, President & CEO

Blending RSA Security Analytics with intelligent network monitoring switches to offer unmatched visibility and security