Apervi, Inc.: Reliable Big Data Integration Platform to Harness Business Insights

Harish Narayan, SVP-Business Development & Product Marketing
The recently held expo at mid-town Manhattan presented a true reflection of current big data landscape. As Apervi an IRVING, TX based data Integration Company along with few other counterparts, shared their technological insights at Strata + Hadoop World 2015 data integration and its ability to drive effective big data analytics took the center stage.

Harish Narayan, SVP-Business Development and Product Marketing, Apervi, in his opening statement, comments, “Today, it is big data integration technology which stands as a critical determinant to improve process efficiency and enterprise performance when leveraging data. Despite that, most of the organizations are still inefficient, and spend more than 50 percent of their time in data preparation,” says Narayan. With hardly any time left for critically analyzing data after integration projects, the firms often face disappointment in their performance levels. Alleviating these predicaments, Apervi offers enterprise-class solutions which accelerate designing, deploying, and monitoring data pipelines in Hadoop ecosystem to proffer advantages such as zero coding, easy workflows, and reduced efforts.

The company’s flagship product, Apervi Conflux, is a platform that enables web-based big data integration and orchestration, thereby providing complete support for batch, streaming, and micro-batch data pipelines. Such support is extended by leveraging the power of several in-built and custom connectors to quickly join and transform various sources and data both structured and unstructured. Besides in-built connectors, the platform provides full-featured web-based development studio to design workflows using a plug-n-play interface, helping significantly reduce data preparation time. The designed workflows can be orchestrated to leverage the power of Hadoop, Spark or Storm to process all kinds of data. “The multiple features of our platform are a result of our extensive dedication in offering a solution that has got future-proof characteristics,” expresses Narayan. “Future-proof stands for our platform’s capability to accommodate new components in the platform, apart from interacting with existing enterprise infrastructure via standardized REST APIs,” explicates Narayan.

Apervi’s unique focus on accelerating the business analytics needs no special mention. This exclusive focus has been instrumental in proffering ready-to-deploy solutions such as Apervi’s Enterprise Data Warehouse Offloading Solution (ADOS), Apervi Real-Time Log Analytics Solution (ARLAS) and Apervi Replicated Online Transaction Processing Solution (AROS) that help enterprises jumpstart their big data initiatives and solve commonly seen use cases.

Future-proof stands for our platform’s capability to accommodate new components in the platform, apart from interacting with existing enterprise infrastructure via standardized REST APIs

Explaining the role of real-time log analytics, Narayan says, “Terabytes of data, mostly unstructured, needs to be indexed in real-time.” With ARLAS, enterprises can collect logs on a continuous basis from different systems, aggregate it, and store on Hadoop to make it available for analytics, alerts, and indexed search.

Since its genesis, Apervi’s principle has remained same to help firms attain faster business value by providing cutting-edge big data integration solutions. In this light, there are many instances where Apervi played a chief role in assisting their clients across telecom, healthcare, energy, logistics, and financial service verticals. In one such instance, a telecom company relied on Apervi Conflux’s real-time streaming support to gain dynamic updates and efficient processing levels. “Our solution paved the way for the client to target subscribers on real-time basis which subsequently led to increase in ROI,” extols Narayan.

Armed with right capability and clarity to modernize the landscape of data integration, the company looks forward to drive key product enhancements over next three to five months. This includes extending support for Spark Capabilities Spark ML and Spark SQL deploying enterprise cloud versions and expanding ready-to-configure solutions such as SAP offloading. Motivated by these goals, the company is well poised for a significant improvement in the solution set that they deliver to their clients.

Apervi, Inc.

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Harish Narayan, SVP-Business Development & Product Marketing

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