ApexSQL: Robust SQL Tools for Seamless Database Functionality

Brian Lockwood, CEO
Microsoft SQL Server is a reliable relational database engine for the most challenging business critical applications. But updating the database often is a manual and time consuming process. Hence, Database Administrators (DBAs) struggle to ensure availability, integration, security, and quality of the data. Similarly, DBAs have to maintain the disk storage and its speed to match the increasing data. Moreover, recovering lost data has become another major challenge for administrators in managing the database. Chapel Hill, NC based Microsoft SQL tool developer, ApexSQL, offers a robust set of server administrator and developer tools to make the database development and deployment process effortless and faster. Founded by Brian Lockwood in 1998, the company develops SQL software tools for database development, monitoring, recovery, and documentation.

ApexSQL offers robust software services for database administration and database development. For instance, database administration includes ApexSQL transaction log reading, performance monitoring, auditing, data recovery, database backup, and restore. SQL Server transaction logs contain records describing changes made to a database. The logs store information to recover the database to a specific point in time, to replay or undo change. The company’s SQL Server and database performance monitoring tool, ApexSQL Monitor, audits multiple SQL Server instances and identifies operational issues and deadlocks ensuring IT efficiency. “ApexSQL Monitor is a comprehensive and efficient application that enables our customers to track the activity and performance of their Microsoft SQL Server over longer periods,” expresses Brian Lockwood, CEO of ApexSQL.

Sometimes, large enterprises struggle to retrieve their valuable data which is lost or corrupted due to various operational mishaps. The company offers a superior recovery tool, ApexSQL Recover, which easily finds lost data from the online transaction logs and database files. “This intuitive tool helps restore the data that is lost or corrupted due to errors in the SQL database,” conveys Lockwood. Besides, ApexSQL offers an audit trail and reporting tool for Microsoft SQL Server, ApexSQL Audit. This solution monitors any activity on the SQL database and alerts data and system events on specified SQL Server instances, through email notifications and the alert history dashboard.
“It composes customized reports with the audited data and saves it for future use,” Lockwood explains.

As manual database creation is a time consuming process, ApexSQL provides ‘ApexSQL Build’ to create and deploy a complete functional database using SQL scripts and source control. It saves time while allowing complete control over running various SQL scripts on multiple databases simultaneously. Further, the documenting tool, ApexSQL Doc allows customers to document their graphical dependencies between database objects and SQL Server components much faster. It also offers page orientation for printable formats to customize the documentation output.

The company works with a large customer base of over eighty thousand enterprises all over the world, including leading companies like NASA, Dell, Intel, FedEx, Microsoft, and HP. One of ApexSQL’s customers is Wellspring Technology, a vendor of technology service, solution and support to the small and medium businesses. They required an effective tool for backup while relocating to the production environment at a shared host. Wellspring used ApexSQL Script to develop web apps for clients who utilize shared hosting services. “The ApexSQL Script is a lifesaver when I need to move to the production environment at a shared host where I cannot restore a backup,” expresses David Volle, Senior Partner at Wellspring Technology.

ApexSQL Monitor is a comprehensive and efficient application that enables our customers to track the activity and performance of their Microsoft SQL Server

Moving forward, ApexSQL is committed to enhance their products and services with greater usability. “We are planning to add new tools for performance monitoring, test data generation, and database backup,” mentions Lockwood. The company plans to significantly improve its products and SQL Server support with modern interfaces and contemporary features. “We are also adding a new DBA bundle for server licensed tools,” he concludes.


Chapel Hill, NC

Brian Lockwood, CEO

Developer of software tools for database monitoring, auditing, recovery,development, documentation