Aphelion: Reliable and Affordable Azure Based Solution Provider

Jahangir Alam, Principal Consultant
While casually sipping coffee with a colleague at a Tim Hortons on a summer morning in 2009, Jahangir Alam, Principal Consultant of Aphelion, received a call from a former colleague inquiring about companies that could develop a website to share documents among vendors. The young entrepreneurs jumped at the opportunity and Aphelion was born after the successful delivery of a dynamic document management system at a low cost. The Canada based company has since been focusing on small to mid-size firms that are looking to move away from paper-based procedures to seamlessly consolidate their processes from various siloed systems. “Aphelion turns manual functions into highly efficient automated processes based on workflows we define with the vendor’s input,” says Jahangir. “Our customers from various sectors have seen dramatic increases in efficiency and productivity when their tedious manual processes were converted into effortless automated processes.”

Talking about how Microsoft Azure has redefined IT infrastructure for modern organizations, Jahangir says, “Businesses are switching to Azure as it eliminates physical resource limitations, provides geo-redundancy of data, and virtually eliminates data loss.” He adds, “After Aphelion we saw this as the future of business and immediately jumped on it.” The company hosts their application on Azure, uses Azure SQL server, storage, mobile services, and Azure Active Directory for single-sign-on capabilities. “Now, our entire product initiatives are Azure dependent, it can be said we were born with the Azure cloud,” points out Jahangir. Oftentimes, the company takes over client projects that are struggling to adapt to evolving technology, and Aphelion helps clients with their unique requirements by seamlessly transitioning and adopting the required technology using Azure’s language agnostic capabilities. For each project, Aphelion leverages Azure’s Virtual Machine capabilities to build three environments—Development, Quality Assurance (QA), and Production—mimicking the customers’ environment. “We commit and share code using Visual Studio online,” he explains. “This methodology gives more comfort and transparency to our clients. In return we earn their trust and long term business.”

With Azure, we feel confident in the performance, turnaround time, and scaling when we onboard new clients

Aphelion’s soon to be launched MiPropertyPortal.com is a cloud based, multi-tenant, multi-functional property management application, which allows clients to manage their properties from anywhere, any-time, on any device. Now companies can benefit from an enterprise level tool and focus on growing their business without resource limitations. “With Azure, we feel confident in the performance, turn around time, and scaling when we onboard new clients,” asserts Jahangir. “We are releasing MiPropertyPortal.com in January and it will be our flagship application catering to property investors and managers to better manage their properties with less time and costs.”

Sheding light on the advantages of active directory data, Aphelion's Azure Directory Sync allows businesses to sync Azure Active Directory data with SharePoint, back and forth. For example, if an HR manager wants the list of inactive users or employees whose manager information is missing, the current option is to request and wait for IT. But Azure Directory Sync, allows to produce report in-stantly from SharePoint, and export to excel—all without involving IT. “Thus freeing up resources and speeding up business,” he adds.

The company has numerous Azure-based product initiatives underway—the next product is a User-to-User (U2U) platform that will be similar to Fiverr, but adaptable and focused on specific niches. The U2U product can be quickly and easily customized according to the changing market needs. Aphelion’s plan for the future includes building innovative solutions for small to midsize businesses, “while stretching our footprint globally, starting with the North American market,” concludes Jahangir.


Toronto, Canada

Jahangir Alam, Principal Consultant

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