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Mark Knouse, CTO
The challenges faced by IT departments today are both numerous and unlike anything in the past. “If ten years ago, people had told me that every employee would want to use their own phone and laptop for work, I might have considered it absurd. But that's where we are today,” affirms Mark Knouse, CTO, API Systems Inc. “One company that has been instrumental in bringing about this change is Citrix. The company has been on the cutting edge of giving employees the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere, on any device, and we've been with Citrix and aiding them in this transition from the beginning,” he explains.

API Systems Inc. offers a full suite of managed solutions around the Citrix FlexCast delivery system—a key differentiator of the company. The company has been on the forefront of IT transformation for two decades, leveraging virtualization, automation, Pay-as-you-Grow Desktop and Hardware as a Service, and converged infrastructure as each has emerged as a business solution. “Our IT experts specialize in assessing clients’ IT environment and crafting the right solution for their environment,” reveals Knouse. But overall, API Systems Inc. doesn't provide one-size-fits-all solutions. “Each of our clients is unique and deserves a full suite solution from our holistic talent developed across all facets of Citrix products,” he notes.

“At API Systems Inc., we believe that knowledge and data are power when it comes to migrations and hence start with a full environment assessment of the client’s existing systems,” reveals Knouse. Some IT guys cringe when then think about assessments because they've seen extraneous software, polling agents and many more. “But that's not what we provide,” claims Knouse. An API Systems Inc.’ assessment drills down on the data that is needed, without wasting internal IT's time. “And our assessment is 100 percent focused on avoiding surprises and issues up front,” adds Knouse.

For an elaborate understanding, consider the case involving a Fortune 500 business. Productivity was a big problem at this offshore vendor that processed account payables and receivables. It was taking 4-10 minutes to process a single invoice, which was not acceptable.

We specialize in assessing client’s IT environment and crafting the right solution for their needs

“We went onsite to carry out a thorough assessment of the client’s environment and workflow, and documented their workflow and workarounds,” says Knouse. “The offered solution had to be compatible with their current XenDesktop environment and the desired outcome was a 500 percent improvement. But the outcome surpassed their expectation, reducing their 4-10 minute process to 30 seconds.”

Historically, API’s market penetration has been through carefully managed personal relationship building and referral selling. Relationship building and “client first” focus is the cornerstone of the company’s culture and they take personal development very seriously. “We are not an impersonal ‘body shop’,” notes Knouse. “We embrace a performance management identity built on growing talent holistically.” When it comes to innovation, API Systems Inc. is a one-stop, full service cloud transformation shop. “We can get client’s IT services onto the cloud, train their current staff on how to take advantage of the cloud, and augment the staff with professionals on the leading edge of cloud enablement,” reveals Knouse.

Going forward, API Systems Inc. aims to be the go-to partner, enabling true business transformation to their clients. With IT solutions, workforce solutions and training practices, the company aspires to provide new customers with an end-to-end experience, encompassing Cloud, Big Data, DaaS, consolidation and mobility. “We're aggressively developing our DevOps on-demand workforce and are working with our existing enterprise customers to invigorate and enhance the capabilities of their current workforce,” says Knouse. “New technologies that are on the horizon will forever change enterprise IT and we plan to leverage this shift to our advantage,” he concludes.

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Mark Knouse, CTO

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