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Ruslan Savchyshyn, Founder It is safe to say that efficient shopping cart integration is the soul of an eCommerce business, wherein API serves as the life-force that facilitates the necessary interoperability among various business functions. Essentially, the merits and advantages of robust APIs are massive: hassle-free interaction, higher stability and security, and greater automation capabilities with better user experiences. However, developing API integration with shopping platforms is quite challenging. While most websites and shopping carts can be relatively easy to set up, modern-day eCommerce adds new challenges to already existing sales channels. When allowing e-Commerce applications and B2B solutions to procure data from multiple stores, most shopping carts unknowingly compromise on security by exposing their APIs. One of the promising resolutions to this conundrum comes in the form of API2Cart, which allows organizations to connect to 40+ eCommerce platforms via a singular unified API framework.

Eliminating the need to develop integrations for each specific shopping platform, discrete functionalities, and newer iterative versions, API2Cart’s unified API serves as a bridge between popular shopping carts such as Magento, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Volusion, Opencart, PrestaShop and many more.

Providing our customers with one singular venue for their shopping ease is the best way to ensure success

The company’s solution enables the retrieval and management of store data from products, customers, orders related elements. It also ensures secure and accurate API method performance that can be used to fulfill different business requirements across the regimes of mobile commerce, inventory and order management, repricing, and more.

API2Cart understands that integrating shopping carts with both ‘leading shopping platforms’ and ‘other ones,’ any businesses can multiply their chances of success. “Providing our customers with one singular venue for their shopping requirements is the best way to ensure success,” adds Vitaliy Galushka, the CEO of API2Cart.

Apart from improving and optimizing shopping cart experience, eCommerce cart abandonment e-mails stand out to be one of the biggest pain points in the industry. With ‘order.abandoned.list’ API method supported, API2Cart offers a service that can open up the database of 40+ shopping carts for businesses to retrieve the information on orders (now including abandoned ones), products, categories, customers, and more. Therefore, it is possible to turn e-retailers’ biggest pain into a huge opportunity.

Also worth mentioning is API2Cart’s core philosophy— integration via unified shopping cart data interface, which would help businesses to streamline workflows and save time as well as resources that separate integrations would take.
Added to that, API2Cart can be extensively used for inventory and order management functions, as anyone can retrieve product, customer, and order-specific information from multiple stores using one API, process it, and yield better results. Besides, mobile and social engagement platform providers can use API2Cart as well to establish smooth data flow and synchronize catalog updates.

Driving impressive results, API2Cart empowers businesses with the ability to operate data from its clients’ stores, also helping them to perform integration quickly and safely. The Texas-based company provides 32-symbol API Key to access the system as well as SSL certificates to ensure integration security. Although the solution can be integrated seamlessly, API2Cart’s support team—comprising highly-qualified professionals—is available to resolve any client issue or help users tackle discrete business needs. To further illustrate the prowess of the company’s offering, Vitaliy recalls a customer success story where API2Cart deployed its robust, flexible, and user-friendly integration platform. With fully integrated API, a well-renowned company (a SaaS provider), had avoided almost all difficulties of integration with shopping platforms.

Consequently, the client was impressed by API2Cart’s offerings, praising the solution as well as the company for its best practices. Such success stories have encouraged API2Cart to make further investments in technology to not only enhance its operational efficiencies but also overhaul its technical prowess. That being said, the road to seamless shopping cart integrations has never looked smoother, owing to API2Cart’s expertise in the eCommerce arena.


Austin, TX

Ruslan Savchyshyn, Founder

API2Cart is an integration platform, that allows getting connected to 30+ shopping carts via just one integration. It allows to connect with stores based on any of the supported platforms and retrieve all the necessary store data for further processing. The company was founded in 2012 as one of MagneticOne products. API2Cart allows B2B e-commerce software solutions to get connected to 30+ shopping carts via just one integration. It removes the need for B2B e-commerce software vendors to develop and maintain separate integrations with different shopping carts. Additionally, API2Cart provides B2B e-commerce software vendors with an opportunity to focus on their business, instead of integrations