Apigee: Envisioning an Integrated Business Environment

Chet Kapoor, CEO Competition apart, businesses are increasingly becoming interdependent, bringing together the best of services. The food app from Yelp not only publishes crowd-sourced reviews about restaurants, but brings online reservation service through SeatMe and food delivery service through Eat24, offering customers a connected experience. “Today, businesses are transforming into digital businesses that create value by delivering a connected digital experience to customers, partners, and employees,” says Chet Kapoor, CEO, Apigee.

To offer a connected experience, softwares need to work with each other. One example is the Uber app showing the cab’s position on Google Map. It is no longer about what one can build independently; it is about integrating what has already been built. Indeed, many tech companies have allowed their APIs to be used by third parties and competitors. In addition, having an API allows companies to manipulate an existing app to be compatible across existing mobile and desktop computing platforms. The APIs need to be built, secured, managed, analyzed, and scaled, and this is where Apigee (APIC NasdaqGS, Market Cap: $192.90 million), a San Jose, CA based company comes into the picture.

Building an Agile API Development Environment

Companies take their backend services such as product pricing and information availability, sales and ordering, order tracking, and others to web to be leveraged by apps that run on mobile devices or PCs. Apigee Edge, an intelligent API management platform consists of the API, analytics, and developer services that together provide a comprehensive infrastructure for API creation, security, management, and operations, as well as powerful backend services for developing client apps. “It enables companies to provide secure access to their services with well-defined APIs that are consistent across all services, regardless of service implementation,” says Kapoor.

"Rather than having app developers consume the services directly, they can access an API proxy created on Edge"

Rather than having app developers consume the services directly, they can access an API proxy created on Edge. The API proxy functions as a mapping of publicly available HTTP endpoints to the company’s backend services. “Since the API proxy isolates the app developers from the backend services, the companies are free to change the service implementation as long as the public API remains consistent,” says Kapoor.

Apigee Edge API Services is about creating and consuming APIs, whether it is about building API
proxies as a service provider or using APIs, SDKs, and other convenience services as an app developer. On the API-building side, Edge provides tools for adding and configuring the users’ API proxies, setting up API products, and managing app developers and client apps. Pertaining to the API-consuming side, Edge powers mobile and Web apps by giving app developers access to a flexible data store and to key features such as social graphs, geolocation, user management, push notifications, performance monitoring, and more.

For developers who want to expand the reach of their web applications to other computers and internet services, Apigee is offering API Studio, an online tool to create APIs using popular Swagger API specifications. The Swagger editor features a range of helpful tools, such as autocomplete, syntax-highlighting, and error-checking and it can automatically generate the documentation as the API is written. The developers can use API Studio to build REST-based APIs in a browser, and have mock servers, live testing, and the ability to share the APIs with the teams using unique URL.

Big Picture through Big Data Analytics

Companies face a number of technical, analytical, and organizational challenges that limit their ability to deliver apps to individualize interactions. Apigee Insights, a Big Data predictive actions platform from Apigee enables enterprises to increase revenue and customer satisfaction with API-powered predictive apps that anticipate and adapt to the needs of each customer. It provides the capabilities to understand customer behavior across all digital channels combining both profile and behavioral data, giving a big picture to companies to precisely target each customer, offer individualized recommendations, and proactively serve their needs. API management data from Apigee Edge automatically flows into Apigee Insights helping companies to discover the effects of APIs on important metrics such as customer conversion, channel attribution, and drop-offs.

Unifying IoT with APIs

Connecting thermostats, motion detectors, light bulbs or washing machines into an Internet of Things environment is not possible without apps and services. Apigee can help glue these devices together using APIs. The company offers Apigee Link, an API-first Internet of things (IoT) platform for connecting devices to the internet. It enables device makers to build IoT ecosystems leveraging REST APIs that foster connectivity between devices and IoT sensors. Apigee Link sends data from the cloud to the device or vice versa, and communicates with any device by mediating between Web, wired and wireless protocols. The platform will also monitor device behavior by streaming and ingesting data in the cloud for storage and analysis, and securing device interactions by authenticating and authorizing users, apps, and devices.

Apigee Link is based on Zetta, an open-source IoT platform project for creating IoT servers that run across geo-distributed computers and the cloud. Zetta combines REST APIs, WebSockets and reactive programming for assembling many devices into data-intensive, real-time applications.
Helping BBC Worldwide to Bring More Content to Consumers with APIs

BBC’s commercial arm, BBC Worldwide fills a unique role within the organization, helping it leverage the popularity of well-known shows, such as ‘Top Gear’ and ‘Doctor Who’.

BBC Worldwide, through BBC Store, is taking the first few steps in rolling out a sophisticated B2C platform across its suite of online properties. However, BBC Store has a complex multi-tier IT architecture, using a variety of suppliers to provide a variety of platforms. The challenge was pulling together all these suppliers into a new direct-to-consumer retail platform that would allow consumers to buy and keep their favorite BBC shows. The delivery of this reliable, global, end-to-end e-commerce platform required the creation of a set of consistent, scalable APIs.

BBC Worldwide collaborated with Apigee to leverage its API platform and comprehensive services. "What attracted us to Apigee was its specific functionality and toolsets that enable us to easily integrate with the systems,” said Michael Fleshman, SVP consumer digital technology at BBC Worldwide. Apigee Edge acted as the internal API management platform for BBC Worldwide, mediating and brokering traffic and improving interoperability between front-end and back-end systems.

Conquering Many More API Milestones

Come October and the world will be abuzz with API headlines. Apigee will launch its third iteration of a global event ‘I Love APIs’. The event is dedicated to APIs and digital business strategy for developers, IT experts, and business strategists. “Hands-on workshops, digital business perspectives, and real-world API program know-how will help unlock the full potential of digital business,” says Kapoor.

The developers can use API Studio to build REST-based APIs in a browser, and have mock servers, live testing, and the ability to share the APIs with the teams using unique URL

Apigee, went public on 24 April raising $87 million, taking its initial market cap to roughly $500 million. “It is not only about raising money but also having the veneer of legitimacy that comes with being a publicly traded company and how that could help getting more customers down the road,” says Kapoor. “By going public, the team at Apigee is hoping to tap into that market and sell companies on the idea that they need help managing all the APIs to modernize their businesses,” concludes Kapoor.


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Chet Kapoor, CEO

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