APOS Systems: Optimizing SAP BI Deployments for Performance and ROI

Allan Pym, COO
Gone are the days when Business Intelligence was viewed simply as an environment built upon standard reporting software packages serving narrow information requirements. With the continuous evolution of technology, the multifaceted requirements that it can satisfy have made BI far more critical for organizations of all types. “Enterprises now need a complete BI solution, and it needs to be a strong, effective, and well run system. At APOS, we provide solutions to help manage SAP BusinessObjects BI system automation. Our solutions simplify administrative, planning and migration processes, and provide visibility and self-monitoring, as well as system storage, backup, archive, and versioning capabilities,” says Allan Pym, COO, APOS Systems Inc.

APOS provides software solutions for flexible systems management for enterprise BI, allowing IT Operations to confidently deploy and standardize their BI implementations on the proven, scalable, and adaptive service-oriented architecture of SAP BusinessObjects. “Our platform management solutions automate high-volume BI administration,” says Pym. “They also offer deep visibility into your BI system, which is often impaired by the high volume and complexity of system content. This visibility allows both the IT teams and business units to understand system structure, security and performance, and the potential impact of changes to database schemas. This understanding allows for more proactive platform management.” This proactive platform management also includes capabilities for automated system cleanup of unused and unnecessary system content to produce a streamlined environment.

The breadth of the APOS solution suite makes this company stand out in its field. This breadth has allowed the company to bring greater agility to a wide-ranging, but inter-related set of BI system management requirements, all of which ultimately impact an organization’s decision-making capabilities. The APOS product suite also includes technologies which help organizations to speed adoption of targeted SAP BI content types and semantic layer advancements.

APOS maintains a close partnership with SAP to ensure interoperability of solutions, as well as adherence to SAP’s guidelines and product roadmaps. “We have been working in BI for 20 years, so our alignment with SAP is very strong. However, it is continual customer interaction which is the primary driver ensuring our solution development efforts address deployment level needs,” said Pym.
APOS’ customer base spans 37 countries globally, ranging from large multi-national corporations to smaller regional organizations. For instance, the company has worked closely with HP Enterprise Services to bring strong automation into their migration processes and greater agility in managing their SAP BusinessObjects environment, resulting in a rapid and dramatic ROI for IT operations. Also, in the healthcare sector, APOS has enabled many healthcare organizations with technologies to assist managing BI pressures around HIPAA compliance, Meaningful Use, and EHR system integration through its well managed BI solutions.

APOS solutions deliver Well Managed BI

APOS solutions are focused on delivering ‘Well Managed BI,’ which is a concept that provides a framework for the creation of value in the pursuit of challenging BI objectives. “A well managed BI deployment is managed proactively, rather than reactively,” says Pym. “Our solutions deliver BI system insight and process automation, which allows platform managers to assign resources to higher-value initiatives which serve the interests of their information consumers. Rather than spending their time fighting fires, BI system managers can pre-empt these fires, or extinguish them with efficiency. This unlocks time and resources to focus on creating new value for other needs and opportunities.”

APOS continues to innovate, evolving its solutions’ feature sets, turning every small attribute into a big gain for its customers. “It’s the low-level details that are important, because the ability to manage them efficiently and effectively can directly impact an organization’s BI capabilities, which ultimately influences competitiveness of the company,” concludes Pym.

APOS Systems

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Allan Pym, COO

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