AppCentrica: Intelligent Consulting for Energy Sphere

Rob Lokinger, Director
The trend towards the ‘consumerization’ of technology is making its way into the most traditional of industries including the Energy sector. The digitization of business has lead to the adoption of software and technology to help make operational processes more efficient, productive, less costly, and profitable. There has been constant adoption of web, mobile, and GPS solutions. Today the industry is witnessing advancements in the user experience, mass integration with telemetric data, and analytics on big data. The major seismic shift in the energy sphere has been the tremendous downward pressure on oil prices that are squeezing energy sector margins. This issue has highlighted how critical operational efficiency and productivity could been unrelenting pressure on global oil prices, “Maximizing efficiency and productivity—doing more with less, can provide an extra edge of profit required to successfully compete and navigate in any economic environment,” says Rob Lokinger, Director, AppCentrica.

AppCentrica’s roots in management consulting have helped various firms in solving complex business problems along with helping them in the implementation of creative technology solutions. “As trusted advisors, we tend to provide insights across a wide range of business, operational, and technical domains,” says Lokinger. The firm has a strong pedigree in IT strategy, business process transformation, operations management, enterprise architecture, and data management. AppCentrica provides an amalgamation of these services across Microsoft.NET, Enterprise Java, Salesforce's, Web, Mobile Development, RDBMS/NoSQL platforms, and system/data integration platforms (MQ, ESB, and ETL).

The firm offers strategic consulting services to data solution designs and delivery, “we start by understanding business and management priorities, and then focus on architecture and design, before moving into development and operations,” says Lokinger.
The firm believes in attending to the client's situation themselves rather than outsourcing their analysis, design or development. They deploy teams locally, comprised of individuals with a combination of skills, talent and experience for each customer engagement.

As trusted advisors, we provide objective insight across a wide range of business, operational, and technical domains

The company's multi disciplinary teams are skilled to address diverse clients. AppCentrica picks up leading ideas that may prove to be relevant in their future endeavors. The solution provider’s expertise in data visualization and management is resonated in the energy.
Recently, AppCentrica has worked closely with drilling service companies to create innovative web and mobile software that optimizes inventory management, utilization, continual performance improvement and automation. By making it easier to access real-time information - and by simplifying operational data coming from the field - AppCentrica is able to demonstrate the ongoing value of digitalization for drilling companies, allowing them to do more with less.

The firm values its team’s craftsmanship and considers it as its core principle, which embodies personal attributes such as mastery of skill, attention to detail, and discipline. Over the years, the company has expanded geographically and will continue focusing on the same. The company plans for geographical expansions in addition to paying attention to the key locations for energy sectors in North America in order to establish a stronger profile. The firm has been paying attention to Calgary and Houston, which are the key locations for energy sector in North America. Being able to establish a stronger profile in these two markets could prove to be a critical step for them.


Toronto, Canada

Rob Lokinger, Director

Provider of Enterprise application development, data systems designs and warehousing, enterprise architecture, user-centric application design