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Founded in 1999, Energy Professionals has been at the forefront of providing energy consulting to North America’s commercial players. The company delivers comprehensive energy strategies that factor in its clients’ energy savings objectives; increasing energy independence, while giving their clients more choice and less waste.

According to Harvard Business Review, for many companies today energy bills are filed under the list of uncontrollable, take-it-or-leave it costs of doing business. To which Jim Mathers, President of Energy Professionals, added that companies who are working to reduce energy costs are concerned that typical energy consultants may not fully deliver on their promise of energy efficiency. “There are numerous energy consultants and brokers in the industry, but what steers us ahead is the fact that we help clients figure out where they are wasting energy, and strategize how they can reduce that waste and increase their profitability. We bring a strategic and intelligent supplier agnostic approach to mitigate the energy management problems holistically,” says Mathers.

At its core, Energy Professionals offers solutions that address specific issues of clients while helping them plan strategies for long-term sustainable growth. The company’s all-encompassing energy strategies combine energy procurement, efficiency, sustainability, and intelligence, and reflect the idea that energy is an asset that can be invested in and built upon, to ensure reliability. “Just by monitoring, we can save up to 15 percent of costs; and monitoring forms the basis of Energy Professional’s energy intelligence,” states Mathers.

Energy Professionals’ client onboarding process begins with conducting a free energy audit where the company examines a client’s 12-24 months of utility bills. “We will also consider your facility locations, energy usage patterns, peak hours, risk tolerance, and total energy spend to develop the best strategy for your requirement. We are determined to provide immediate energy optimization solutions while reducing costs and total energy consumption,” mentions Mathers. Once the strategic energy map is generated, Energy Professionals builds a baseline, where its energy intelligence software collects and analyzes data in real-time. The software instantaneously responds to the client’s energy needs and helps businesses lower their overall energy usage. Also, the actionable insights will help clients create procedures to increase savings and efficiency. After all, every dollar saved on energy usage translates to the bottom line.

We bring a strategic and intelligent supplier agnostic approach to mitigate the energy management problems holistically

A key differentiating factor for Energy Professionals is the experience of its competent team. Led by the entrepreneurial visionary Mathers, a Navy veteran who served during the cold war, as a nuclear engineer aboard a submarine. Today, Mather’s holds rich expertise in retail sales and consultancy and published a book covering basic sales principles, Ending the Cold War Between Salesmen and Customers. Energy Professionals has so far examined thousands of global organizations engaged in the energy landscape. He mentions, “After decades of involvement, we understand what it takes to guide our clients to true operational and energy independence.”

The company’s success stories stand as a testament to their capabilities. In one instance, an industrial plant in Indiana approached Energy Professionals to reduce and control their energy budgets based on production levels. Leveraging their nationwide network of natural gas suppliers, Energy Professionals was able to identify a supplier that could provide natural gas at a much lower rate and sustain that rate for 36 months, saving the company hundreds of thousands. In another example, Energy Professionals offered a solution that reduced the cost of production and helped a U.S. Based manufacturer move toward its sustainability goals. Utilizing its extensive network of suppliers and energy solution experts, Energy Professionals has helped thousands of clients by bringing effective, efficient, and innovative technologies to the table.

Having carved a unique niche in the energy tech landscape with many such success stories, Energy Professionals extends its footprint across North America. The company also has a considerable number of customers in Canada, and they plan to expand to Europe as well.


McLean, VA

Matt Calkins CEO

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