Appinium: Effortless Content Monitoring

Steve Jacobson, Co-founder & Managing Director
A marketing manager in London sends a marketing video to a Dubai-based prospect that is en route to Australia on holiday. Normally, the sales rep covering Dubai would have no visibility into what’s transpired, let alone what happens next. With Appinium, the rep’s reality is quite different. She receives an alert via Salesforce1 that a new lead was added to her pipeline, and that the lead was qualified by watching a marketing video multiple times. But that’s not all. The rep also sees that the lead viewed the video four times, once in Sydney and three times from the beach at Byron Bay, and each time from an iPhone. Now imagine the conversation the rep is prepared to have with her lead when they finally connect. Such is the power of the insights Appinium bestows.

“With video being a key contributor to the explosive growth of digital content, businesses are desperate to understand who is consuming their content and the business value it delivers,” states Steve Jacobson, Co-founder and Managing Director, Appinium. As the Salesforce platform becomes more prominent in the global business environment, a solution for the deployment and analysis of digital content within Salesforce is mission critical. “Digital content is taking over the world, and only Appinium is capable of harnessing it within the realm of Salesforce,” he remarks.

Appinium recognizes the dominance of video content in the enterprise world. “By 2020, 82 percent of all internet traffic will be associated with video consumption. Video is at the core of our strategy,” says Jacobson. Clients can easily host video files on Salesforce, YouTube, Vimeo, their servers, or Appinium’s servers, and deploy the files in Salesforce via Lightning. Appinium enables businesses to track the video files with flexibility and granularity. They receive real-time analytics via Salesforce reports and Salesforce Wave, about video viewers, the number of views, the location of viewers, and viewers’ device. Businesses can even learn what action was taken by a particular viewer after they watched the video.

We deliver unparalleled video analytics capabilities to our customers at an attractive price point because of our Salesforce platform strategy

“We deliver unparalleled video analytics capabilities to our customers at an attractive price point because of our Salesforce platform strategy,” states Jacobson. Not only videos, but all digital content can be hosted on Appinium. The company enables customers to deploy digital content anywhere in Salesforce and monitor its engagement and consumption. “Did you know that 57 million Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly basis? However, only subscribers to a podcast can be tracked,” points out Jacobson. With Appinium, clients can track every listener even if they are not subscribers. “It’s these tracking capabilities, for any digital content that truly separates us in the market.”

Nowadays, marketing, sales, customer success, and training departments across all companies are leveraging video and other forms of content, but they are using several different platforms for hosting and playing the content. Under these circumstances, CIOs face an uphill task of managing the company’s systems and providing data insights. Appinium assuages the situation by offering the C-suite a centralized environment for all digital content their business leverages, across all departments. “Whether you are looking at content management system or video platforms, there are tons of tools on the market for companies to evaluate. We are different in the sense that we can do anything these other apps can do, but we don’t do it in a silo that makes the data hard to aggregate and analyze,” concludes Jacobson.


Steve Jacobson, Co-founder & Managing Director

Provider of Enterprise Video Management on Salesforce