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Sudeep Srivastava, Co-founder & CEO, Prateek Saxena, Co-founder & MD
Quality Delivery and Unprecedented Technical Skillset.” This is how Sudeep Srivastava, co-founder and CEO of Appinventiv, describes the pillars of success of his mobile app development company. For him mobile application development is a two-pronged strategy, wherein on one side, Appinventiv ensures that the quality of the delivery of its applications featured on App Store is on par with any other application. On the other hand, the company corroborates the team to maintain the technical skillset and push the envelope of technology, keeping pace with the emerging trends. With these pillars and strategy strengthening its foothold, Appinventiv has carved its niche app consulting and app technology that includes everything from mobile application ideation and wireframing to app launch and maintenance in Google Play Store and Apple Store. Appinventiv offers best-in-class mobile and wearable app solutions for companies across different verticals. Along with app development, the company also has profound expertise in technology consulting and quality assurance, thereby assisting clients in steering ahead of the curve with first mover advantage.

As Prateek Saxena, co-founder and MD of Appinventiv, puts it, the company has an innovative laboratory consisting of 15 members, wherein the research team gleans knowledge from conducting proofs-of-concept (PoCs) and internal sanity testing on the upcoming technologies in the market such as IoT, blockchain, iBeacon as well as Android VR. The PoCs of technologies assists in assessing any negative or positive effect on the devices through a series of tests, which implies if it is capable of including these emerging technologies and best practices in the team’s expertise and can be utilized for future consulting purposes and product development.

The attempt to deliver high-class consulting services does not end here. “We interact with a lot of clients on a daily basis to ensure that we are providing value with respect to their current business processes and technology solutions,” adds Saxena.

We aim to sustain in the industry as the leading app development based solution provider, adding value to our clients

“At the forefront of adopting the latest technologies, we provide our customers with solutions that perfectly fit their requirements and also guide them in continuously upgrading their technologies.”

At Appinventiv, app development and technology consulting go hand-in-hand. After the research team affirms that the technology is ready to be included as a part of the company’s know-how, the delivery team is trained in the particular technology. Srivastava affirms that the team often develops a minimum viable product (MVP) and after the initial testing by the client, the app is uploaded to the AppStore. Both the co-founders believe in establishing a sustainable relationship with clients rather than just being an outsourcing company. Right from technology consulting to app launch on App Store, the company maintains an agile approach while working with the clients. Evidently, clients from diverse industries rely on Appinventiv for the passion and value it brings to the table for delivering cutting-edge innovation and rich experience in mobile app development.

Considering the firm’s establishment less than a decade ago, Appinventiv has recently achieved a milestone as a partner of Google. The company has had the advantage to receive hands-on training from Google app experts. With sales offices in Dubai, the US, and Australia, Appinventiv currently aims to establish development centers in the same regions while simultaneously upgrading their technology arsenal in order to evolve as the leading mobile app technology solution provider. “We aim to sustain in the industry as the leading app development based solution provider, adding value to our clients,” concludes Saxena.


Manhattan, NY

Sudeep Srivastava, Co-founder & CEO, Prateek Saxena, Co-founder & MD and Peeyush Singh, Co-founder & COO, Dileep Gupta, Co-founder & Delivery Head

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