Applango: AI-Driven Productivity Boost

Daniel Sarfati, Founder & CEO
With years of experience across various industries, Daniel Sarfati, Founder and CEO of Applango, witnessed that replacing underperforming sales representatives with new hires did not result in the quick efficiency boost that companies expected. “Being new, they tend to have little knowledge about the company’s processes and workflow,” comments Sarfati. Instead, he proposes that enterprises study how the top performers have been achieving their goals, and guide everyone else along those best practices. “Understanding how success is achieved by leading representatives is the only way to create long term value and growth as well as to cultivate unique innate advantages,” says Sarfati. To that end Applango uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to escalate productivity by finding the best behavioral patterns and application usage profiles of Salesforce users within organizations. Applango extends beyond the current AI tools and complements the analysis of customer data with a deep understanding of users’ behavior.

The company’s data scientists have developed algorithms that help enterprises specifically pinpoint data regarding correct business practices from their own talented representatives. “Benchmarking one company with another is not effective since the processes, people, and languages are all different with different companies,” notes Sarfati. In this regard, Applango uses their unique data collection methods coupled with AI—like Salesforce Einstein—along with effective tools to monitor usage patterns and operational workflows among Salesforce users. “We finally have the tools and the computing capabilities to obtain clear information that guides enterprise managers to take intelligent decisions,” states the CEO. The Applango solutions require minimal internal resources, enabling IT departments to connect or integrate with their systems just in matter of few minutes.

The actionable and contextualized data collected is presented as intuitive reports through Applango’s live dashboards. The dashboard features 10 standard reports by default which are insightful and easy-to-read and is updated on a daily basis.

We finally have the tools and the computing capabilities to obtain clear information that guides enterprise managers to take intelligent decisions

Enterprises can also customize these dashboards in addition to creating custom groups for precise monitoring.

With a vision to streamline sales workflows and help business be more successful through technological excellence, Applango has helped numerous clients including many Fortune 500 businesses to transform their operational workflows. For instance, a large European telecom company, with over 2000 customer center agents, faced issues regarding call efficiency and increased escalation rates. To resolve the business roadblock, Applango analyzed the usage data extracted from the Salesforce platform—over 8 million cases in a month—to identify the best employees who were effective both in terms of total number of calls handled and first call resolution. Their superior interaction methods that promptly solved customer issues were used to train other employees—a move that improved their business as a whole. “This was done at micro level, by team, location, level of skill, and case type, allowing to move agents through the organization and retrain the ones who were performing poorly,” notes Sarfati.

Over the years, Applango has served many enterprises with their distinct expertise in the Salesforce landscape and has rationalized all aspects of employee performance and Salesforce management—to have a measurable impact on the client performance. The company expects technological innovations like Einstein to be invaluable in serving the Salesforce community. “Going forward we expect to be more efficient in identifying even more complex behavioral patterns of general interest to our customer base,” concludes Sarfati.


Stamford, CT

Daniel Sarfati, Founder & CEO

Develops unique data collection methods tied to AI among Salesforce users