Applied Cloud Systems: Innovating in the Microsoft Cloud

James Hughes, Co-Founder & CTO and Brian Dupper, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
While working at Microsoft, Brian Dupper was constantly challenged by the lack of partners who could help his enterprise customers deploy Microsoft cloud technologies. It was often the case, that he relied on out of market help that drove up implementation and support costs. At the same time, James Hughes was experiencing the same challenge on the customer side. Through the years, these two had talked about launching a company to address this challenge, and it all came to a head two years ago. Applied Cloud Systems was born with the single goal of assembling the best team of technologists whose focus was squarely on the Microsoft cloud.

Applied Cloud Systems has built immense expertise to address the nuances of deploying cloud solutions across verticals. In addition to an average of 15 years of technical experience, the Applied Cloud Systems team carries dozens of Microsoft certifications. Its services span the Microsoft cloud including Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Power BI. Each practice area has a dedicated lead with a group of skilled technologists that have deep expertise to help customers implement, customize and support that technology. Within Azure, specifically, there are additional areas of specialization including Custom Development & Application Modernization, Infrastructure as a Service Planning & Deployment, Big Data & Advanced Analytics, and IoT & Cloud Integration. According to James Hughes, Co-founder and CTO of Applied Cloud Systems, “We think of ourselves as ‘Cloud Team Six,’ bringing a highly-skilled team to help solve some of the toughest problems our customers are facing.”

However, what makes these services so effective is Applied Cloud Systems’ systematic approach. When a client first engages, the company first and foremost, takes time to learn and understand the business environment and success criteria for the project. This process facilitates the exploration of the client’s desired cloud architecture and how the deep integration among the Microsoft cloud offerings can be leveraged to achieve the future state. “We do not look at the Microsoft solutions from a single technical lens. We view it from an enterprise architecture standpoint, reflecting on how it will affect every dimension of the company,” states Dupper, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Applied Cloud Systems.

We think of ourselves as ‘Cloud Team Six,’ bringing a highly-skilled team to help solve some of the toughest problems our customers are facing

Once the scope is defined, they work with their client to understand their distinct, technical and functional requirements. Following which, they implement the solution using an agile implementation methodology. Meaning, Applied Cloud Systems works closely with the client and updates them constantly as the project advances.

Also, as calls for better governance of Microsoft Azure grow, Applied Cloud Systems has a methodology to address this concern. The cost model for cloud services is drastically different than that of traditional on-premises servers and software licenses. Helping customers understand how cloud services are priced is a big area of focus in addition to managing, securing and monitoring cloud deployments. Applied Cloud Systems works with customers to ensure these areas are not overlooked to prevent future problems related to cost management, security, or running an optimized cloud environment.

In an instance, when a customer approached the company with a request to get information from their IoT sensors to the cloud— Applied Cloud Systems provisioned them with a holistic solution. It enabled effective executing insights by helping them transfer the dispersed IoT data to a centralized Azure environment, equipping them with machine learning based predictive analytics via Power BI, and deploying Microsoft Dynamics to enable effective execution of insights.

The success of this highly innovative firm can be credited to its dynamic work culture. Formed by a team of highly experienced engineers and architects, Applied Cloud Systems operates on a ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy. Moving forward, the company looks to further develop its expertize in the Microsoft Cloud and geographically expand by opening offices in New York, Ohio, Michigan, and the Carolinas.

Applied Cloud Systems

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James Hughes, Co-Founder & CTO and Brian Dupper, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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