Applied Decision Technologies: Efficient Forecasting and Operations Planning Engine

Ram Pandit, Founder & CEO
Visibility and analytics, the dynamic tools in the supply chain industry, contribute in handling a company’s logistics and management processes. Simultaneously, having a holistic view of information technology offerings for incorporating all of the supply chain operations, is a crucial process in the current environment. Providing an out-of-the-box solution, Applied Decision Technologies (ADecTec), a software technology company, bridges the gap between operations support, logistics, shipments, fulfillment and freight optimization, and customer services.

ADecTec focuses on conferring business and analytics solutions to enhance the global operations of manufacturing, supply chain and services companies. “Our solutions are offered in two layers. Automated layer is based on mathematical optimization and manual layer lets users configure operational plans to their requirements,” delineates Ram Pandit, Founder and CEO, ADecTec. Moreover, the company designs tools that enhance visibility and proactively provides information to the customers.

In the current global supply chain space connectivity, monitoring the flow of material, shipping materials across boundaries, and handling demands occurring in the remote places are some of the activities managed while supplying a product. “Our solution keeps track of all flows—material and information-of operations and helps deliver the product at the right time across the supply chain cycle,” explains Pandit. The information is partitioned into sets of data, which is visible and accessible to the people effortlessly with security alerts built into the application. From an efficient planning perspective, company’s main product Logistics And Manufacturing Planning System (LAMPS) offers all levels of operational planning capabilities along with proactive notifications, predictive alert, and data visualization, helping the manufacturers, customers, suppliers, and distributors.

One of the company’s product, Collaborative Forecasting and Demand Planning engine enables organizations to forecast using product characteristics and hides the intricate statistical methodologies from the operator’s view.
In addition, ADecTec’s business intelligence analytics suite provides a high-performance knowledge interface embedded with dashboards, visual charts, and other tools. The company’s suite of solutions helps clients in changing the way customers do their business. In one occurrence, “one of the manufacturer client approached ADecTec to save time, and improve productivity. Our tool tracked their laborers’ working hours and showed that more than half of their shifts were wasted in non-productive time,” remarks Pandit. “With our consulting team, our client was able to evaluate their manufacturing planning process and redesign it to perform efficiently and economically.” Instead of outsourcing their product, the client bought the production in-house with ADecTec’s team support. “The quantification of the process metrics helped the client identify the issues; and based on the magnitude of opportunities, the client focused on the important operations that they could benefit from,” says Pandit.

We evaluate and optimize business processes and then deploy and configure the supply chain solution

Pandit notes, “We are not just a ‘project team’; we are a ‘product and solution’ team.” During execution, ADecTec’s team pursues three major engagement processes. “We evaluate and optimize the business process, then deploy and configure the supply chain solution and finally follow up with the users to ensure the stated benefits are being realized,” he adds.

Moving ahead, ADecTec’s mission is to provide a business analytics platform that can be accessedin a single touch. Like Apple’s Siri, Pandit wishes to design a platform. “When a customer asks ‘what was my gross profit yesterday?’ the application should be able to provide information without the traditional query strategy.” Not only this, the company is developing a program that schedules customers’ plan for required days with analytics and planning technology. “We plan to change the traditional process of supply chain and take the technology to the next level,” ends Pandit.

Applied Decision Technologies

Duluth, GA

Ram Pandit, Founder & CEO

Provides business and analytics solutions to enhance the global operations of manufacturing, supply chain and transportation companies