AppNeta: Providing Businesses with Full Stack Visibility into their Applications

Jim Melvin, CEO Historically, application, network and end-user monitoring were managed by three separate teams within an organization. These problems were seen as mutually exclusive, which led to a lot of finger pointing, wasted time and unresolved problems.

A variety of vendors swooped in, promising to fix one problem or the other, but almost never solving all three problems at once with an integrated view. This meant that business would have to deploy and navigate at least three separate performance monitoring tools, again wasting time and perpetuating the finger-pointing culture. There was a great need for one single solution that would handle application, network and end-user monitoring with integrated visibility.

Enter AppNeta, a Boston, Massachusetts-based full stack Application Performance Monitoring (APM) company.

AppNeta’s Standout Features

Founded in 2010, AppNeta is the leader in the full stack APM technology industry, offering deep, integrated visibility into the application code, including the network and the end user.

AppNeta’s full stack APM solutions include network insight alongside the application feature set, resulting in maximum productivity for the end user

AppNeta’s SaaS solutions provide detailed performance data to be viewed across web, mobile and cloud-delivered applicationsby development, IT and application operations teams.

This unmatched visibility enables the delivery, functionality and availability of business applications. With AppNeta’s full stack APM solutions, companies can provide better, more widely available, faster web applications to their end users.

At the application level, AppNeta follows end-user requests across multiple tiers, tying the transactions together in the form of a trace. As a result, even in SOA environments, the entire transaction can be tied back to the originating request. This is AppNeta’s first distinguishable feature, as other vendors fail to establish a link between all the features in an environment with PHP, Java, Ruby, .NET or Python-built services.
Since data retentionis difficult, current tools are unable to select individual outliers or observe difficult patterns in one chart. AppNeta addresses the issue with a unique Big Data backend, enabling the use of heat maps, a novel visualization that displays hundreds of millions of requests without compressing or averaging the underlying data.

While the application itself is the focal point for all APM systems, there is much more to it. AppNeta is ultimately interested in tackling an even more ambitious challenge. "AppNeta’s full stack APM solutions include network insight alongside the application feature set, resulting in maximum productivity for the end user.Their patented technology gives visibility over the WAN, directly tying together the delivery path with the applications that run on it", says Jim Melwin, CEO.

With AppNeta, businesses are gaining the deep visibility into the application they need to ensure its successful delivery, availability and functionality. Without integrated information about the full stack of their application, businesses will never be able to effectively pinpoint where in the stack a problem is occurring and resolve the issue in a timely manner. In a time where end users expect applications to perform quickly and consistently, business can’t afford to forgo this type of visibility.


Boston, MA

Jim Melvin, CEO

A provider of Full Stack Application Performance Management (APM) solutions, offering integrated performance visibility into the application code, through the network, to the end user.

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