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Bob La Loggia, CEO We’ve all been there; a late night phone call from the boss that goes along the lines of, “Kindly postpone your dentist appointment, I need you at work early in the morning. The client has rescheduled and will be visiting us earlier than expected.” Let’s assume its 9:24 p.m. and the dentist office is shut. It would be rather inappropriate to contact the dentist at their residence. Contacting the dentist office at 9:30 a.m. the next morning to cancel a 10:00 a.m. appointment doesn’t bode well for anyone. Just consider the overall ramifications; the dentist office loses business, the canceling patient might be penalized with a cancellation fee or even blacklisted from making future appointments, and the dentist wastes an hour of precious time that could have been better spent consulting another patient.

Unfortunately, these are recurring events. The circumstances preclude the patient from keeping their appointment and the dentist office is likely reluctant to request another patient to push up their scheduled time slot. All these problems could have been averted only if the dentist office offered an online appointment scheduling tool. It’s little wonder that a recent survey revealed that 51 percent of consumers want businesses to be available 24/7. By utilizing an online scheduling app, patients can make, change, or cancel appointments anytime they like, giving businesses the option to maneuver appointments, open up time slots, eliminate endless staff phone calls, and improve their overall productivity. Also, the scheduling software pushing out timely reminders via text messages go a long way in reducing “no-shows” by patients.

While the relatively new concept of online scheduling is gaining traction, only a small fragment of businesses and institutions actually offer the service. For example, a recent study revealed that while 42 percent of patients would prefer the route of scheduling online medical appointments, only 17 percent of them were able to do so. This is largely because a number of healthcare providers still prefer the conventional method of scheduling and maintaining appointments. The same holds true for a vast majority of spas, salons, restaurants, health clubs, shipping docks, financial institutions, government agencies, and other types of organizations.

Even so, self-service applications such as online appointment scheduling are becoming more commonplace, and businesses are finally realizing its benefits. The results are obvious— delighted clients, a boost to a brand’s reputation, and scalable processes that benefit both the consumer and business. A win-win situation for everyone involved.

Tailored Solutions to Revolution your Booking Process

In the realm of online scheduling software, AppointmentPlus has firmly established itself as the undisputed industry leader. Put simply, AppointmentPlus is to online scheduling what Intel is to microprocessors, Google to search engines, and Amazon to ecommerce.
Since its inception in 2001, AppointmentPlus has served over 15 million end-users and facilitated over 500 million appointments across 100 different industries. One of the fastest growing cloud-based services in the world, AppointmentPlus is leveraged by organizations ranging in size from Fortune 500 companies all the way to small barber shops, tour operators, and personal fitness trainers. Moreover, the software’s in-built features such as social media integration, email appointment notifications, and text message reminders allow businesses to simultaneously enhance operational efficiency and build up their brand image. By pairing their booking processes with social media posts, brands can carry out marketing promotions.

AppointmentPlus has served over 15 million end-users and facilitated over 500 million appointments across 100 different industries

Whether a provider is seeking a dog grooming appointment app, a salon a booking software solution, or a car dealership an appointment scheduling tool, AppointmentPlus has every base covered. How exactly can the same application work so effectively for the myriad of business types? One word: flexibility. AppointmentPlus can be easily customized to function optimally, regardless of the type of business or organization.

AppointmentPlus offers its solutions across nine industry verticals: professional services, business operations, education, retail, logistics, healthcare, government, human resources, and financial & banking.

Enterprise-Grade Solutions Built to Scale

Besides the industry-specific solutions for SMBs and individual entities, AppointmentPlus offers enterprise-grade solutions designed to meet the needs of larger organizations. Since enterprise scheduling requirements are drastically different from those of smaller businesses, Team AppointmentPlus executes a multistep implementation process to prioritize the customized needs of the business. Following the consultation phase, AppointmentPlus’ professional services team works hand-in-hand with the customer to design a seamless enterprise scheduling system that meets the client’s unique requirements. In the next step, AppointmentPlus’ solutions engineers build the custom enterprise appointment solution, backed by the most robust API in the industry. In the fourth step, the professional services are extended to train all the staff members of the client, across locations. Post deployment, AppointmentPlus assigns a dedicated account manager to accompany the client at every juncture.

Designed to handle complex synchronization for data, triggers, or updates between primary platforms and the scheduling backend, the AppointmentPlus API is the most powerful interfacing tool in the scheduling industry. With a security methodology rooted in “Defense in Depth” concepts, the AppointmentPlus infrastructure safeguard’s an enterprise’s data with multiple layers of protection. Backed by data security standards that meet SSAE16 SOC 2 Type 2 certification, AppointmentPlus follows highly-controlled processes that reduce errors and enhance predictability. Suffice to say that enterprise scheduling has never been in safer hands!

Moreover, the AppointmentPlus API that drives the enterprise scheduling software can be integrated with an enterprise’s existing systems.
This ensures that the client’s employees can access the software across various devices and keep track of their endless appointments.

Added Features: Robust Reporting Capabilities

While clients enjoy product benefits such as 24/7 cloud-based access to their schedule, and more than 500 preference settings, they can also leverage the dynamic reporting options offered by the AppointmentPlus solution suite. The reporting feature allows clients to build their business by tracking customer appointment history, service and product purchase trends, and no-show rates. This way, they can employ data-driven sales and marketing efforts to the next level with customized and/or AppointmentPlus easy-to-use pre-built templates.

Some of the other product features that can be found across the AppointmentPlus solution suite are streamlined staff administration and third-party integrations. Since the software offers a crisp administrative dashboard, an organization can set multiple user access levels and efficiently set the parameters around their specific scheduling process. Additionally, the AppointmentPlus API can be integrated with third-party business email marketing platforms such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Google.

Driven by an Award-Winning Company Culture

They say a successful team takes on the identity of its leader. The phrase holds particularly true for AppointmentPlus and Bob La Loggia, the CEO and founder of the organization. La Loggia and his army of near 100 employees have built up a company culture that has been duly honored with back-to-back “CareerBuilder Best Places to Work” awards in recent years. Since reaching the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies list in 2013, AppointmentPlus has racked up a number of awards and distinctions. La Loggia, passionate about aiding emerging entrepreneurs in Arizona, has been highly involved in building the startup ecosystem in his home state. Named the Ed Denison Business Leader of the Year in 2012, he is a part of a number of boards, including SeedSpot, Arizona Technology Investors Forum (ATIF), the W.P. Carey Center for Entrepreneurship and the AZ Tech Council. He also serves on the boards of several startups.

"Designed to handle complex synchronization for data, triggers, or updates between primary platforms and the scheduling backend, the AppointmentPlus API is the most powerful interfacing tool in the scheduling industry"

La Loggia has cited his company’s annual “reflection sessions” as the primary reason for the strong corporate culture. “Organizations build and strengthen their cultures in many ways. Some do it by hosting events and activities, like office Olympics or Ping Pong tournaments. Others foster a healthy culture through transparency, involving staff in decision-making, or providing a clear, meaningful vision. But regardless of what you and your company do to promote a strong culture, there is one simple action you can take that’s worth its weight in cultural gold: Hosting a year-end reflection session,” says La Loggia.

As more businesses gravitate toward online scheduling tools, La Loggia’s company is primed to add to its already vast clientele that extends to 20 countries across 100 industries. Potential customers have the option of leveraging a comprehensive demo (through the official website) before finalizing on scheduling software plan that best suits their needs. Besides a fully-customized Enterprise Package, AppointmentPlus offers four plans, namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, at an attractive price point. Businesses can choose their plan after considering factors such as needed number of users, the quantity of appointments, website or Facebook integration, and a myriad of other features designed to ease the booking process.


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Offers an online appointment scheduling software flexible for any volume of business scheduling & security needs. Besides customizing solutions for various industry verticals such as professional services, business operations, education, retail, logistics, and healthcare, AppointmentPlus offers enterprise-grade solutions designed to meet the needs of larger organizations. Through a 24/7 cloud-based service, AppointmentPlus’ clients allow its customers to make, change, or cancel appointments anytime they like. By leveraging AppointmentPlus’ SaaS solution, businesses are able to eliminate endless staff phone calls and improve their overall productivity. AppointmentPlus offers four plans, namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, at an attractive price point