appReef: PaaS and SaaS that Simplifies AWS Operations

Vijay Reddy, Founder & CEO
The ever-evolving enterprise landscape has led to many CIOs adopting technologies like analytics and the cloud to keep up with the rising complexity of the verticals they serve. With the implementation of subscription-based services like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), the executives are forced to deal with increasing costs and subscription plans that lack flexibility. This paradigm however, is not set in stone. Firms like appReef are helping clients in deploying flexible and private cloud-based networks that run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). “While AWS is a feature-rich cloud solution, it alone is not enough to support the SaaS and PaaS needs of clients. We aim to address these obstacles and improve overall productivity and client responsiveness through our appReef platform,” says Vijay Reddy, Founder and CEO of appReef.

appReef is a provider of a cloud-based platform that helps companies accomplish an array of essential activities such as developing custom web apps, user management, permission administration, application monitoring and management, and robust email services. appReef’s platform can be implemented in multiple instances in a client’s organization as standalone deployments. The company’s PaaS solution is packed with features that include a point and click development interface, reporting functionality, intuitive dashboards, and a push-messaging platform. Applications developed on the platform automatically support mobile, tablet, and PC environments. “The Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is also encapsulated into the appReef platform, simplifying many time-consuming administrative tasks,” says Reddy.

The appReef platform is adept at abstracting AWS capabilities removing the need for users to know the underlying infrastructure. appReef leverages Amazon CloudWatch to monitor its AWS assets. Deployed on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), appReef can be easily scaled to house new customers where appReef abstracts the internal details of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Simple Email Services (SES), further easing the managementof static files and email services.appReef comes bundled with security features that complement the safety measures provided by Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).
“When a custom app needs to be developed using appReef PaaS, the developer simply inputs the name of the objects and our ground-breaking platform creates tables, columns, permissions, and necessary storage by leveraging AWS’ IaaS services,” extols Reddy.
In addition, appReef has also created multiple standard SaaS and CRM solutions that come equipped with capabilities such as approval processes, workflows, triggers, dashboards, reports, messaging, and calendar, out of the box. The appReef CRM delivers a rich toolset to clients and augments their ability meet the complex needs of managing customer relations in a cost-effective manner.
In one instance, Xervmon, a cloud-management client of appReef, had difficulty in tracking their campaign success rates in real time.

After the appReef CRM solution was implemented, the client was able to address this shortcoming with the solution’s intuitive dashboard which helped the Xervmon gain visibility into various campaigns in real-time and convert leads into prospects.
Such innovations have helped appReef hold their position in the competitive market of AWS solutions. “We differentiate ourselves by offering a private cloud solution on AWS that can be white labeled for our client needs,” says Reddy. This strategy has helped appReef in attracting enterprise clients seeking a high level of control in addition to security, data ownership, and cost management.

We differentiate ourselves by offering a private cloud solution on AWS that can be white labeled for our client needs

For the future, appReef aims to augment its current offerings by incorporating cutting-edge trends like the IoT. “Our goal is to make the appReef platform device independent, scalable, and reliable to make it a part of every CIO’s AWS ecosystem,” says Reddy.


Coppell, TX

Vijay Reddy, Founder & CEO

Provider of application development platform (platform-as-a-service) that enables rapid development of web applications for mobile, tablet and PC environments.