Approyo: Simplifying HANA Adaptation for Companies

Christopher Carter, CEO
SAP HANA is being hailed by the German software corporation as a revolutionary shift in providing big data solutions to enhance a company’s business processes. However, C-level executives are apprehensive about the challenges this platform brings along with itself. Enter Approyo, a customer centric enterprise that focuses on empowering companies with SAP HANA solutions by taking on the responsibilities which the shift in platform is accompanied with. “We put our customers’ minds at ease with regards to HANA and S/4 by proactively communicating with them and answering their queries,” says Christopher Carter, CEO, Approyo. “This enables them to better understand their business from a SAP HANA perspective and how it can improve their overall efficiency,” adds Carter.

A cloud computing company with deep big data analytics capabilities for SAP customers, Approyo facilitates an easy transition for its clients to HANA and S/4 by envisioning their current SAP environment into the new platform. “We take the entire responsibility, and provide our customers with the requisite components—cloud, licenses, staff, backup, disaster recovery, support, and the ongoing services—that truly gives them the flexibility and ease to work with us,” remarks Carter. This enables their clients to continue with their existing work alongside the new systems that gives them the ability to move forward without disruption, minimizing the cost and risk associated with setting up and running HANA. “We also have four help desks across the globe for monitoring and maintenance of log files, system access, and support mechanism which is available 24x7 for our clients, bringing best-in-breed customer services to them,” Carter laments.

HANA—a big data platform—allows customers to manipulate and design the available data specific for their business needs and help gain better insights into their company’s functioning. Built upon the premise of making SAP HANA an easy, flexible, and cost-effective on-boarding solution for companies, Approyo has developed custom-made solutions, with Ignite being one of their flagship products. Ignite encapsulates HANA’s various components into one neat and easy package, with companies having the freedom to either use the entire package or only those components fit for their specific purposes.

We take the entire responsibility, and provide our customers with the requisite components–cloud, licenses, staff, backup, disaster recovery, support, and the ongoing services, we call it instantaneous gratification

“So for instance, if a company has an IBM AS/400 environment and also wants to host some data on our cloud, we have the capabilities to provide them with that flexibility,” cites Carter.

The company offers its clients quick time-to-market, typically setting up and running the HANA platform in their client environment within two to five days. This is reflected in their work with one of the transportation and logistics company which needed to gather more information on their drivers— their workloads, driving time, distance driven and so on. “By implementing HANA, we were able to aggregate data including drivers’, trucks’, insurance, transport, and load, and this helped the company streamline their business operations, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars within the first week,” asserts Carter. Additionally, they also provided the company with weather and road data which predetermined driving conditions to help manage their transportation logistics. “Armed with such high-end logistics data, the company was even able to start a subsidiary branch using the HANA environment on our cloud to sell logistical data to other transportation companies,” notes Carter.

Working with multiple industries, such as healthcare, Approyo is making HANA compatible with Hadoop by bringing together structured and unstructured data, giving their customers the flexibility to better use the data than if it were stored in a single repository. With a diverse portfolio of assets in the SAP space, the company is now looking to extend its outreach of cost-capable solutions to the European and Latin American markets as well.


Palo Alto, CA

Christopher Carter, CEO

Provides customer centric solutions that enable companies to easily adapt HANA into their SAP environment