appsFreedom: Driving Employee Productivity through Mobility

CIO Vendor The recent changes in the mobile technology industry have required companies to develop and assess a comprehensive mobility strategy. Integral to that effort is determining how enterprise information will be provided to employees. Several key considerations need to be addressed. First, the strategy should address how to accommodate the trend of users providing their own device, i.e., the Bring-Your-Own Device trend. Second, protecting and securing confidential information is of critical importance. Third, maximum flexibility and scalability should be accommodated.And finally, as always, return on investment should be maximized.Overall, there is a growing frustration among large organizations against big enterprise software vendors for pricing, solutions and support.

appsFreedom, based in Chandler Arizona and founded by Vaidy Iyer, the current CEO, is leveraging this discontent by providing an alternative with a better solution that encompasses better technology at a better price, and the best time-to-value (ROI) in the industry. The combination of these three as the combined value proposition is getting traction with the customers.

The Strategic Perspective

appsFreedom provides a cloud-based mobility solution that mobile enables employees of an organization within weeks of subscription. Freedom Apps are pre-built, pre-integrated, and ready to use and include key bundles for sales, procurement, field service, HR and executives. The solution is device agnostic, operating on any mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. All information remains behind the customer’s firewall, so there is no transfer of confidential information to any external device or intermediary. Unlike competitors, the appsFreedom SaaS cloud-based solution is not dependent on the installation, deployment, and maintenance of significant hardware configurations.
"Our recently announced version 3.0 of the appsFreedom solution further improves value and return to customers. This new version is offered on a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model and provides a development platform included at no additional charge to a customer's subscription," says Iyer. The PaaS model introduces the patent-pending Freedom Platform which provides customers the ability to quickly build app prototypes through the Freedom Designer. It provides a graphical workflow tool for end-to-end development and integration through the Freedom Builder. The Freedom Stores allows the creation of a secure, branded storefront to provision and manage corporate apps. The Freedom Platform also allows customers to easily rollout new apps and updates while managing users and system integrations through the Freedom Manager. Lastly, customers will be able to improve and iterate by analyzing app usage and end user feedback through reports and dashboards provided in the Freedom Analyzer.

The Freedom Platform uniquely stands out for a simple reason - it puts mobile apps right into the hands of business users early on, resulting in not just a rapid development, but also rapid adoption. It does so with the best time-to value in the industry (typically deployed in 2-4 weeks) in a very low-risk manner with a user-based subscription model. It is a key element of our solution that addresses the age old problem of bringing IT and Business folks together onto the same page.

Moving Forward

The enhancements provided by appsFreedom's new solution version and subsequent versions will allow customers even more autonomy and flexibility. It also provides appsFreedom a new revenue stream, the co-licensing of customer-designed apps. Their patent-pending solution is unlike any other on the market. Competitors possess varying degrees of the solution appsFreedom provides, but none possess a solution as complete and comprehensive.


Driving Employee Productivity through Mobility