appStrategy: Simplifying Application and Data Integration through Workflow Foundation

CIO VendorGreg Ozuzu, Founder & CEO
Microsoft’s massive array of products and services are on a continuous evolution spree. However, customers are discovering the ongoing evolution of ERP, CRM, databases, operating systems, development tools, and collaboration, beset with integration challenges. The big challenge is on doing it seamlessly without disrupting trusted legacy systems.

For Greg Ozuzu, Founder and CEO of appStrategy, this unlocked the opportunity to provide seamless software solutions that integrate with the wave of cloud offerings, Big Data and other advancements. “Our company is a pioneer in the new space that is focused on not just integrating the myriad of data sources and platforms, but also on giving companies powerful tools to define business rules and maintain control over data assets, services and processes,” says Ozuzu. appStrategy is building products in multiple editions allowing Microsoft partners, corporate developers and business users to collaborate and compose powerful solutions.

The company’s appCompass product suite based on Microsoft’s Windows Workflow Foundation features over two thousand workflow foundation activities that Microsoft partners and customers can quickly deploy to solve mission critical data integration and business rules problems. appCompass workflow foundation integration and business rules solutions can be composed and orchestrated quickly without writing a single line of code. They can be deployed to run on premise or in the cloud and can connect to not just Microsoft systems but also applications, databases and services from Salesforce. com, IBM, Oracle, SAP among others. The product not only runs in its own Integrated Development Environment for business users, but also features an edition that runs inside Microsoft’s Visual Studio for developers.

To configure appCompass products for use, partners and customers select from one of four development options including appCompass Studio and Visual Studio editions. Each Studio package is configured to work with any number of appCompass Data Integrator modules. Data Integrator modules include all popular databases, SAAS, decision table processing, data quality, automation among others. Deployment options feature the appCompass Express Server and the appCompass Enterprise Server packaged to suit the needs and budgets of any organization for development, test, and production. For organizations that require heavy validation, tracking and logging such as government agencies, the suite includes that functionality right out of the box.

appStrategy’s surround integration technology offers a superior solution for integrating or migrating legacy in-house systems, corporate databases, ERP, CRM, and SAAS platforms in new or existing infrastructure, connecting it all and making it work. Supporting worldwide partners and customers from their offices in
the United States, France, and the United Kingdom, appStrategy’s products find applications in government, health care, financial services, manufacturing, information technology and other industries. The company’s illustrious clientele, which includes Nordea Bank, Eurosport, the Swiss Government, LVMH, among others are using the appCompass suite for enterprise scale data integration. The International Red Cross based in Geneva, is using the suite to marshal and deploy solutions for over 100 countries on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

appStrategy’s new PartnerFirst affiliate program has been attracting partners around the world in large numbers. PartnerFirst program introduces a “nofees” model that fits neatly into partners’ budgets by requiring only a nominal fee for deployment of projects at customer sites. “Since our products support multiple projects right out of the box, partners can confidently work on multiple customer projects on the same machine. And because our architecture is totally metadata-driven, the only time a partner really needs to work on site is to fully test and deploy the solution,” adds Ozuzu.

appCompass product suite features over two thousand workflow foundation activities to solve mission critical data integration and business rules problems

The product is not the single factor that drives in the biggest advantage for appStrategy. Ozuzu attributes the success of his organization to the people factor too. “To position the company better, alongside a smarter workforce, affiliations are even more critical. We are excited that most Microsoft product roadmaps are now more fluidic–allowing them to react very quickly to the pace at which surroundings change around partner and customer projects,” says Ozuzu.

Ozuzu hits a high note on the company’s product map ahead. appStrategy’s soon to be released auditCompass for Microsoft Dynamics CRM will give Microsoft partners and customers that are using the platform for XRM, a powerful tool for enterprise auditing with built-in validation, monitoring and compliance tracking facilities.

appStrategy’s robust product suite and the fast growing partner network is catapulting dominance in the emerging category of ‘integration for operational controls’. “Because our products work with many Microsoft products–Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Exchange, SQL Server, Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, and others, we continue to attract Microsoft Partners and customers. Our worldwide partner network is made up mostly of certified Microsoft partners and as they continue to grow, we continue to grow,” sums up Ozuzu.


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Greg Ozuzu, Founder & CEO

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