Apption: Apption's Big Data Consulting and Solutions: Value for Dollar

Brian Joe, CEO
As predictive analytics grows, businesses have to consider how to maximize limited budgets and seek best value analytics. Expert at creating such value, Apption helps organizations work smarter by embedding predictive data analytics into operational applications to optimize business performance. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Apption not only provides predictive analytics professional services but also handles the messy part of getting data assets in shape using its comprehensive data governance, data management and data quality services. This end-to-end approach moves from data asset cleansing and organizing to creating the analytics solution and implementing it an operational level.

Spearheaded by Brian Joe, CEO, the company is known for being easy to work with and effectively translating appropriate technologies to solve tough business problems. “We attract people who love to work with clients at a business level first, and then apply their vendor-agnostic technology expertise,” says Joe. According to him, the most crucial leadership decision he made was to make Predictive Analytics the key focus of the organization at inception. “This allowed us to be early leaders in the BigData Analytics game way back in 2005,” adds Joe.

Apption has grown over the years and has also incubated several startups. One such success story is, providing Big Data solutions based on Apption core technology and predictive analytics frameworks. Apption has stayed on the leading edge of Big Data innovation, winning industry awards and broadening its services portfolio with major government and industry clients. Joe believes that the recent advancements in computing technology and cloud infrastructure have drastically lowered cost barriers to innovation in BigData applications making them more accessible to mid-market companies. “However, there is still a shortage of data science expertise and practical experience in business applications. Apption can help companies with that skill shortage by complementing their internal business intelligence organizations to build analytics products or solutions,” opines Joe.

Clients look to us for data analytics thought leadership and software development skills; coupling that with our data management capabilities allows us to get their data assets organized and build practical custom analytics software solutions that make or save them money

Joe says that the business has grown by word of mouth and by consistently exceeding client expectations. One of Apption’s latest offerings, their Customer Intelligence solution, provides B2C companies with a better understand their customers’ behavior and needs by combining sales data with public data sources like geo-demographic information, inventory and social media. This 360 degree view of the customer allows better target marketing and revenue and margin uplift. Apption has also created tools to automate the cleansing of data, giving clients new methods for solving the complex data quality issues they may have.

Canada Post, a parcel and mail delivery service company engaged Apption to create a fully-automated system that analyzed 40M data elements per day providing them with details about their customers. Apption designed specific algorithms to cleanse and analyze data information and identify non-obvious trends. The subsequent valuable new data assets of names and accurate addresses obtained are now used to underpin new commercial offerings from the firm.

In the coming weeks, Apption is planning for growth of its professional services business serving industry and government, and continuing to incubate new predictive analytics-based innovations.



Brian Joe, CEO

Apption is a data analytics professional services company that helps businesses build valuable data assets and create operational analytics that integrate with enterprise applications.