Apptivo: Smart CRM with Power of Integrated Solutions

Bastin Gerald, CEO and Founder
In today’s modern enterprise business application ecosystem, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions have become a core part of the day-to-day business functions: sales, marketing and support and in many cases serve as a key system of truth regarding a wide variety of business metrics. Bastin Gerald, Founder and CEO of Apptivo, believes that good customer experiences can help businesses control costs, drive productivity and sales. Today, as businesses seek a higher return and increased effectiveness on marketing, sales and service program investments, it is increasingly important that their CRM system is able to seamlessly integrate with the ecommerce platform, marketing automation software, analytics software, accounting system, and more. This realization made Gerald to lay the foundation of Apptivo—a company that offers a cloud-based suite of business applications, all integrated to enable organizations operates their end to end business process, including CRM, project management, financials, supply chain, and more. Apptivo comprises of apps to manage employees, ecommerce stores, customers, projects, timesheets, invoices and many other functions of a small business.

Apptivo does all the functionalities of a CRM; the main advantage of Apptivo is that everything comes under one umbrella—leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities—enabling an end-to-end business process such as identifying opportunities, creating an estimate, tracking a project, and sending an invoice. It also offers businesses an option to manage the post sales features and support requests, sales conversions, and conduct supply chain management to track shipping, inventory in the warehouse, and supplier data.

Being a cloud-based solution with mobile applications available for Android and iOS, Apptivo CRM allows organizations to access business information in real time, from any browser, using mobile devices. The Apptivo CRM consists of a personal user dashboard that brings all apps together, so that users can view all data that is associated with a customer record via a 360-degree view.

Apptivo CRM also allows users to leverage standard project management tools—Gantt charts and standardized project management templates to manage task dependencies and schedules, provide time-tracking mechanisms, and also integrate with project billing.

Apptivo has apps to manage employees, ecommerce store, customers, projects, timesheets, invoices and many other functions of a small business

Integrating Google App with the Apptivo CRM, the firm allows users to centralize contact management through bidirectional sync with Google Apps, and also associate all email communications with their suppliers, vendors, and customers; enabling tracking of work and personal items.

Apptivo’s integrated suite of flexible and highly customizable apps are used daily by thousands of businesses across 194 countries. In one instance, Beckman Coulter—a recognized global leader devoted to providing solutions to laboratories of all sizes, implements Apptivo as a dynamic way to interface with its customers and streamline business processes. Mark Price, Vice President of Quality at Beckman Coulter notes, “We needed a single tool that helps streamline internal business processes while at the same time provides a solid platform for interfacing with our customers.” With the assistance of Apptivo, Beckman Coulter built its own custom solutions to handle complete business flows and configured those solutions to meet their needs—enhancing collaboration and communication with their customers across the globe.

Gerald believes that when software is affordable and easy to use, small businesses run faster and better in a efficient and cost-effective manner. Forging ahead, Apptivo believes in fueling the growth of businesses by presenting them with the tools and advanced solutions required to succeed, and the firm’s upcoming partnerships will also greatly align with their vision. To take their success one step ahead, the firm plans to expand its operations in different geographical locations and solve unique problems for businesses worldwide with a fully integrated and seamless solution.


Fremont, CA

Bastin Gerald, CEO and Founder

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