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Founded in 2017, AppWork reimagines multifamily operations with its innovative property maintenance software. It uses advanced machine learning technology and real-time analytics to facilitate relationships between residents, community managers, and service technicians. With AppWork, property management teams can operate at their most efficient, even with fewer members.

“For years, our industry has placed an overwhelming emphasis on leasing occupancy when training and creating business standards. Our goal is to redirect some of that emphasis to improving maintenance standards. Managers and supervisors know that residents leave when they are unhappy with maintenance. They also know that maintenance is one of the most important drivers of resident satisfaction. However, they don't know how to make their maintenance better. We created AppWork to answer this industry-wide need,” says Christina LaMere, the Business Development Manager of AppWork.

Community managers are hungry for efficiency, improved communications, and best-in-class resident interactions. AppWork will feed their needs.

The app includes a plethora of features focused on technician performance. Many of these features are unique within the multifamily industry, such as its technician leaderboard, performance badges, skill-set breakdowns, and an on-call management system. The app automates tedious and time-draining tasks by categorizing and assigning work orders with help from artificial intelligence.

AppWork also supercharges communication, a major pain point in the multifamily industry. Traditionally, communication in a property is linear and unidirectional. AppWork creates a circular and bidirectional communication platform. Community managers can message technicians, track their locations, and message residents. While technicians can leave notes for managers and residents.

Residents receive real-time updates about open work orders. They can also give feedback easily by adding comments to open work orders or rating a completed work order. They can access these features with both on-site teams and third-party vendors. The management team cannot manipulate the ratings, ensuring data integrity and empowering residents with a genuine voice.
What else do managers and supervisors need on a daily basis? Actionable data. AppWork provides daily insight reports, highlighting the daily successes and areas of opportunity moving forward. Additionally, AppWork offers advanced analytics and data points that other platforms don’t provide.

Having a lot of data doesn't help if the user can't access or share it. AppWork has built a simple and intuitive reporting system that lets managers easily sort, export, and understand their data.

Bert Wray, CEO of AppWork, comments, "In the past, property management companies focused on acquiring new properties to push growth. The current real estate market is forcing companies to grow by focusing on operational management and increasing efficiencies. AppWork enables this type of growth."

We want AppWork to be synonymous with multifamily maintenance. Our app allows managers and supervisors to lead more effectively and maximize the performance of their teams. It also empowers residents with increased transparency and a modern channel for communication

AppWork has given properties like DASMEN Residential the tools needed to address staffing issues. Every multifamily operation is struggling to hire the right people. AppWork encourages technician engagement with positive reinforcement, while also enabling them to complete more work orders with its smart AutoAssign feature.

AppWork is at the cutting edge of property technology. Owners and operators created AppWork. They understand what community managers and supervisors need. AppWork's in-house design and development team builds the software, ensuring optimum outcomes while maintaining the app's leadership position in the market.

AppWork aims to remain nimble and flexible, giving it the ability to meet the ever-changing needs of current clients and the multifamily industry as a whole.


Greensboro, NC

Bert Wray, CEO

AppWork reimagines multifamily operations with its innovative property maintenance software. Work smarter with advanced machine learning, daily reports, and real-time analytics. We facilitate the relationships between residents, property managers, and service technicians.